This page is a working document, showing all current and previous RFCs submitted to the FDO PSC. To create a new RFC follow these steps:

  • edit this page, creating a new link in the following format:

[wiki:FDORfc# FDO RFC # - RFC Title]

  • add a status indication beside it of "Not ready for review"
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  • when you are ready for review, set the status column to "draft" and send a note to the fdo-internals mail list


FDO RFC 1 - Support Raster Property BitsUsedPerPixelWithdrawn
FDO RFC 2 - Support Raster Min/Max FetchingDeferred
FDO RFC 3 - OSGeo PostGIS Provider SubmissionAdopted
FDO RFC 4 - Provider Support for ArcSDE 9.2Adopted
FDO RFC 5 - Modify FDO API FdoFunctionDefinitionAdopted
FDO RFC 6 - Enhance WMS Command APIAdopted
FDO RFC 7 - Add New Methods to FdoClassDefinition Withdrawn
FDO RFC 8 - Standard Expression Functions Adopted
FDO RFC 9 - Add new class FdoLiteralValueCollection and new method to FdoLiteralValue Adopted
FDO RFC 10 - Modify WMS override API to support additional parameters and bit depth variations Adopted
FDO RFC 11 - Adding Geometric Expression Functions Adopted
FDO RFC 12 - Implement Support for a SQLServer Spatial Provider Adopted
FDO RFC 13 - Tile Caching Support in the WMS Provider Adopted
FDO RFC 14 - FDO Release Manager and Release Process Adopted
FDO RFC 15 - Add New PropertyValueConstraintDictionary Class Draft
FDO RFC 16 - FDO Provider for SQLite Adopted
FDO RFC 17 - Add a Managed API for the FDO Expression Engine Deferred
FDO RFC 18 - Migrate to Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Adopted
FDO RFC 19 - Enhanced Version Support Deferred
FDO RFC 20 - FDO Capability API Improvements Deferred
FDO RFC 21 - New Linux Buildsystem CMake Based Draft
FDO RFC 22 - Enhance expression engine CONCAT function Adopted
FDO RFC 23 - New GetSchemaNames, GetClassNames commands, and DescribeSchema hint Adopted
FDO RFC 24 - Enhanced Capability Support Deferred
FDO RFC 25 - Create King.Informix FDO Provider Draft
FDO RFC 26 - New Extended Select Command and Scrollable Reader Adopted
FDO RFC 27 - Add FDO Toolbox to the main FDO project Withdrawn
FDO RFC 28 - Add X,Y,Z and M Expression Functions Adopted
FDO RFC 29 - Redefining Expression Function EXTRACT Adopted
FDO RFC 30 - FDO DataValue Type Conversion Adopted
FDO RFC 31 - Deprecate FdoNls and use of message catalogs Not Ready
FDO RFC 32 - GetSpatialContexts cleanup Ready For Review
FDO RFC 33 - Parameter Binding Direction Enhancement Adopted
FDO RFC 34 - Reader Access By Index Adopted
FDO RFC 35 - Support Data Store level FDO capabilities Not Ready
FDO RFC 36 - Schema Preview enhancement Not Ready
FDO RFC 37 - Detailed Exception Adopted
FDO RFC 38 - Multi-polygon support for SHP provider Adopted
FDO RFC 39 - Spatial operator combinations support Adopted
FDO RFC 40 - Add standardized ordering support Draft
FDO RFC 41 - Fetch Size Adopted
FDO RFC 42 - Direct ArcSDE Provider Adopted
FDO RFC 43 - Standard FDO Class Naming Conventions Draft
FDO RFC 44 - Add IF Expression function Draft
FDO RFC 45 - Add new FDO PostGIS Provider Adopted
FDO RFC 46 - Schema Attributes Capability Draft
FDO RFC 47 - Add Thread Support to FdoIDisposable AddRef/Release Adopted
FDO RFC 48 - Polygon Vertex Order Adopted
FDO RFC 49 - API change to pass tolerance in evaluate spatial operations Adopted
FDO RFC 50 - Extend FDO API to Select from Multiple Classes and Select Joins Adopted
FDO RFC 51 - Update WFS provider to support 1.1.0 Adopted
FDO RFC 52 - Convenience C++ API wrapper for FDO Draft
FDO RFC 53 - Fix axis order issue in WMS provider Adopted
FDO RFC 54 - FDO Provider for MapInfo .TAB and .MIF/.MID Files Ready for Review
FDO RFC 55 - Convert FdoDecimal(p,0) to FdoInt32 for SHP Provider Adopted
FDO RFC 56 - Support Proxy Server Settings for WMS/WFS Adopted
FDO RFC 57 - Implement the GetFeatureInfo command for WMS provider Adopted
FDO RFC 58 - Keep It after One Long Transaction is Committed or Rollbacked Adopted
FDO RFC 59 - Support New FDO Geometry Types Not Ready For Review
FDO RFC 60 - Add OGC Annotation Support to the FDO API Not Ready For Review
FDO RFC 61 - Extend FDO API to support save point Adopted
FDO RFC 62 - Migrate FDO to VS2010 compiler Adopted
FDO RFC 63 - In-memory Spatial Index Adopted
FDO RFC 64 - Enhance secondary filter performance using in-memory spatial index Not Ready For Review
FDO RFC 65 - Implement Resampling for GDAL Provider Adopted
FDO RFC 66 - Support coordinate system transformation when serialize XML Adopted
FDO RFC 67 - Migrate FDO to VS2012 compiler Adopted
FDO RFC 68 - Allowing PostgreSQL provider to support case insensitive database Adopted
FDO RFC 69 - Enhanced OGR providerAdopted
FDO RFC 70 - Migrate FDO to VS 2015 compilerAdopted
FDO RFC 71 - Serialize FdoGeometryType_CurveString in GML2 formatReady For Review
FDO RFC 72 - FDO RFC 72 - Update WFS provider to support 2.0.0Adopted
FDO RFC 73 - Update FDO license agreement to allow static library linkageAdopted
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