FDO RFC 62 - Migrate FDO to VS2010 compiler

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RFC Template Version(1.1)
Submission Date(Sep 7, 2011)
Last Modified(Silvia Yu - Sep 7, 2011)
Author(Silvia Yu)
RFC Status(draft)
Implementation Status(pending)
Proposed Milestone(3.7)
Assigned PSC guide(s)(Greg Boone)
Voting History(vote date)


This is a proposal to update the FDO project to completely support the VC10 compiler and the v100 runtime for the upcoming FDO 3.7 release. These changes will be made for the FDO and FDO Provider unmanaged C++ projects. A previous submission updated the managed C++ projects to the v100 runtime. With the completion of this RFC, all binaries shipped with FDO 3.7 will use the v100 runtime, and none will remain using the v90 runtime.


Supporting the new v100 runtime shipped with Visual Studio 2010 will allow clients and developers to take advantage of the latest Microsoft compiler relase and its associated APIs and functionality.

Proposed Solution

  • A v100 runtime prototype will be done in the FDO Sandbox/v100 branch.
  • All *_vs10.sln VC10 solution and project files in the trunk will be upgraded to use the VC10 compiler and v100 runtime.
  • All projects will be recompiled and code changes made as appropriate
  • All unit tests will be run and must pass before the above changes can be submitted back to the FDO Trunk.


  • The KingInformix, KingKML and KingMsSqlSpatial providers will not be updated to VC10 by Autodesk. Responsibility for updating the build settings for these providers and verifying that these providers build with the v100 runtime will have to be undertaken by other Open Source FDO developers, potentially the King developer group.


Existing Visual Studio 2008 support will not be changing. Changes to any solution and project files would also require that both sets of projects continue to build.

Test Plan

No new unit tests will be created for this. However, the existing unit tests will be run to ensure that they still pass.


Autodesk to migrate the FDO API and the set of providers released in the FDO 3.6

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