FDO RFC 32 - GetSpatialContexts cleanup

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RFC Template Version(1.0)
Submission DateApril 4, 2009
Last ModifiedSteve Dang Timestamp
AuthorSteve Dang
RFC Statusdraft (draft, proposed, frozen for vote, adopted, retracted, or rejected)
Implementation Statuspending (pending, under development, completed)
Proposed Milestone3.5
Assigned PSC guide(s)Orest Halustchak
Voting History(vote date)
no vote


This RFC is to deprecate the Spatial Context active flag that is obsolete and no longer in use by:

  • The FdoIGetSpatialContexts derived classes (to retrieve the spatial contexts in the feature source).
  • The FdoISpatialContextReader derived classes (to retrieve the spatial context data).


  • Make the GetSpatialContexts API consistently reliable across all providers.
  • Clean up legacy code and make existing code more readable.

Proposed Solution

  • Update the documentation on the following APIs (including C++/.NET), indicating they will be deprecated in the future:
    FDO_API virtual const bool FdoIGetSpatialContexts::GetActiveOnly() = 0;

    FDO_API virtual void FdoIGetSpatialContexts::SetActiveOnly(const bool value) = 0;

    FDO_API virtual const bool FdoISpatialContextReader::IsActive() = 0;
  • Clean up existing code where applicable to ease future deprecations of these APIs.


  • Avoid using the APIs listed above as they will be deprecated in the future.

Test Plan

  • The existing GetSpatialContexts API should work as before.
  • Existing unit tests should all pass.



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