FDO RFC 71 - Serialize FdoGeometryType_CurveString in GML2 format

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RFC Template Version1.1
Submission DateMay 20, 2016
Last ModifiedChristine Bao - May 20, 2016
AuthorChristine Bao
RFC StatusReady For Review
Implementation Status
Proposed Milestone4.0.0
Assigned PSC guide(s)Greg Boone
Voting History(vote date)


This is a proposal to serialize FdoGeometryType_CurveString geometry into GML2 format.


FdoGeometryType_CurveString is a geometry type in customer's data. When publishing this data to WFS in GML2 format, it ends up with exception. It's expected this can work properly.

Proposed Solution

GML schemes are defined here Unlike GML3 which uses gml:ArcString to represent curve, GML2 does not have type for gml:ArcString. A solution is to use gml:LineString to simulate curve.


  • The curve will have some attribute lost when serialize to gml:LineString.


In FdoGML212GeometrySerializer implement SerializeCurveString.

Test Plan

Tested by customer and it's acceptable.

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