24 Oct 2017:

19:38 Ticket #1993 (new logo for OSGeo-Live) closed by Ben Caradoc-Davies
fixed: Merged on master. https://github.com/OSGeo/OSGeoLive-doc/pull/336

26 Sep 2017:

12:12 Ticket #1398 (QGIS's processing (sextante) toolbox hijacks grass's .rc file) closed by jef
fixed: QGIS ticket fixed.

17 Sep 2017:

12:40 Ticket #1997 (osgeolive-docs deb update) created by darkblueb
Installing the latest dot-deb osgeolive-docs, and then using `dpkg …

12 Sep 2017:

15:05 Ticket #1995 (Resize of VM window fails) created by bufferclip
I started the "vmdk" (OSGeo-live 11.0) file like explained in the …

4 Sep 2017:

14:46 Ticket #1993 (new logo for OSGeo-Live) created by astrid_emde
OSGeo-live project is looking for a new logo that fits with the new …
02:35 Ticket #1992 (Add user to vboxsf group to ease mounting of shared folders) created by kthujvu
You can easily share folders between the guest and host system with …

3 Sep 2017:

11:40 Ticket #1991 (Kinds of contributions (external volunteers)) created by cvvergara
== kinds of contributions || Repository || Task || OSGeoLive-doc || …
09:05 Ticket #1990 (Description of tasks (to make a release)) created by cvvergara
As far as I can see there are specific tasks (I might miss some) to …
08:14 Ticket #1989 (OSGeoLive kinds of volunteers) created by cvvergara
I don't see in the wiki a clear definition of the volunteers on this …
07:27 Ticket #1988 (OSGeoLive Status on OSGeo) created by cvvergara
Based on this: - Link: …

23 Aug 2017:

13:27 Ticket #1987 (Add CONTRIBUTING.md files in github repo) created by bakaniko
A common practice in FOSS is to provide in github repositories a …
12:36 Ticket #1986 (There is no more liveDVD distribution through torrent) created by bakaniko
This section speaks about uploading the liveDVD to an torrent …

21 Aug 2017:

14:52 Ticket #1984 (Updating the R overview and quickstart and making them more appealing) created by bakaniko
Actually self-teaching R, I can see in tutorials and articles some …
14:17 Ticket #1983 (Git usage for updating documentation is not well enough explained) created by bakaniko
When I first get into the project, by doing translations, I didn't …

15 Aug 2017:

06:12 Live_GIS_Workshop_Install edited by manuelgrizonnet
00:18 Live_GIS_Workshop_Install edited by robe

14 Aug 2017:

00:34 Live_GIS_Workshop_Install edited by robe
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13 Aug 2017:

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