27 May 2014:

00:39 Ticket #1341 (LAZ support for liblas library) created by kempenep
It seems laszip is not installed. This has consequences for derived …

22 May 2014:

13:22 Ticket #1340 (Add CouchDB and Spatial) created by darkblueb
a trivial test on 7.9 shows this: […]

15 May 2014:

00:50 Ticket #1336 (Add ubuntugis repo for easy activation) created by wildintellect
For users of the VM, persistent usb or install we should enable the …

11 May 2014:

16:51 Ticket #1334 (kernel update issues on ubu 14.04) created by hamish
Hi, just a placeholder ticket. apt-get upgrade fails with […] …

3 May 2014:

16:53 Ticket #1333 (Consider adding Apache SIS) created by darkblueb
http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/sis/presentations/FOSS4G-2013/abstract. …

30 Apr 2014:

11:31 Ticket #1332 (Port Ushahidi to MariaDB; Remove MySQL) created by darkblueb
scripts affected include: bin/install_mysql.sh bin/install_ushahidi.sh

13 Apr 2014:

03:09 Ticket #1329 (Heartbleed vulnerability in OpenSSL) created by camerons
As per email thread below, OSGeo-Live is effected by the heartbleed …

26 Mar 2014:

01:46 Live_GIS_Workshop_Install edited by astrid_emde

24 Mar 2014:

15:48 Live_GIS_Workshop_Install edited by astrid_emde

22 Mar 2014:

22:35 Ticket #1321 (No logo for North Carolina, USA Educational dataset) created by camerons
We should have a logo for the North Carolina dataset. Currently the …
22:27 Ticket #1320 (No logo for NetCDF dataset) created by camerons
A logo is needed for the NetCDF dataset, to be used in:' …

21 Mar 2014:

02:36 Live_GIS_Workshop_Install edited by claas
02:35 Live_GIS_Workshop_Install edited by claas
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20 Mar 2014:

12:43 Ticket #1318 (Issues with OSGeo-Live sourceforge downloads for 7.9 release) closed by hamish
06:44 Live_GIS_Workshop_Install edited by astrid_emde
GeoKettle Folien (diff)

19 Mar 2014:

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17 Mar 2014:

03:23 Live_GIS_Workshop_Install edited by jthomsen
03:23 Live_GIS_Workshop_Install edited by jthomsen
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15 Mar 2014:

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14 Mar 2014:

17:45 Milestone OSGeoLive7.9 completed
15:38 Ticket #1318 (Issues with OSGeo-Live sourceforge downloads for 7.9 release) created by camerons
On 03/13/2014 02:02 PM, Alex Mandel wrote: >> >> FYI it looks like the …
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03:57 Live_GIS_Workshop_Install edited by astrid_emde
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11 Mar 2014:

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7 Mar 2014:

22:58 Ticket #1316 (mapfish: can't query POI) created by hamish
Hi, trying 7.9rc2, select mapfish start from the menus, launches …
13:06 Ticket #1315 (52 North Quickstart improvements) created by camerons
Review of 52North WPS Quickstart: This quickstart provides a good …

3 Mar 2014:

10:05 Ticket #1311 (backdrop image tweaks for 7.9) closed by kalxas
fixed: confirmed in nightly [11315]

2 Mar 2014:

21:11 Ticket #1314 (apt-get install openssh-server fails) created by darkblueb
build 11246 and b11289 install ends with […]
17:08 Ticket #1313 (dead links in html pages) created by hamish
nhv ran https://pypi.python.org/pypi/linkchecker/, here's what was …
12:32 Ticket #1309 (triage old open tickets) closed by kalxas
fixed: done
12:31 Ticket #1221 (R quickstart, missing vignette) closed by kalxas
12:29 Ticket #1223 (Mapnik quickstart - link broken) closed by kalxas
12:22 Ticket #1162 (000-default is not a symlink) closed by kalxas
fixed: fixed
01:34 Ticket #1103 (Some overviewes translated into Spanish with typing errors) closed by jsanz
invalid: yes, closing On trac they don't show well (maybe that was the source …
01:11 Ticket #1312 (qgis: osm and sextante toolboxes not found) created by hamish
Hi, I've just updated the qgis quickstart for 2.0, and the SEXTANTE …

1 Mar 2014:

17:48 Ticket #1311 (backdrop image tweaks for 7.9) created by hamish
attached is the view from my 1024x600 netbook. the osgeo logo gets …
14:46 Ticket #1301 (Add python-mapnik) closed by darkblueb
fixed: python-mapnik2 installed

27 Feb 2014:

20:16 Ticket #1188 (geoserver: server errors in cartaro and geonode) reopened by hamish
it pollutes the error logs and so makes real errors hard to see. …
20:14 Ticket #1229 (OSSIM: Can't find cape_cod dataset reference in Quickstart) reopened by hamish
Replying to hamish: > Todo is to update the screenshot to …
12:10 Ticket #1308 (sample metadata is missing) reopened by kalxas
I will leave it open as enhancement for adding common metadata to NC …
12:09 Ticket #1308 (sample metadata is missing) closed by kalxas
fixed: confirmed in [11228]
12:09 Ticket #1229 (OSSIM: Can't find cape_cod dataset reference in Quickstart) closed by kalxas
12:08 Ticket #1188 (geoserver: server errors in cartaro and geonode) closed by kalxas
11:39 Ticket #789 (add casoil lab docs to the LiveDVD) closed by darkblueb
wontfix: we will never get more disk space with the current media …
00:12 Ticket #1310 (libpostgis-java contains wrong jar file) created by hamish
Hi, […] /usr/share/java/postgis.jar is a symlink which points to …

26 Feb 2014:

17:25 Ticket #1261 (http://home.gdal.org/tmp/vcredist_x86.exe going away) closed by hamish
fixed: dropped in r11219. Hamish
16:19 Ticket #1161 (GeoNode is being served from a dist-packages dir) closed by kalxas
wontfix: The installation is done from official deb packages now.
16:13 Ticket #1309 (triage old open tickets) created by hamish
Hi, open tickets without milestone or with an expired milestone need …
15:58 Ticket #1286 (Django 1.5x install method includes) closed by kalxas
fixed: Django deb file is now included in our PPA.
15:21 Ticket #1306 (QGIS: GdalTools patch no longer works) closed by hamish
fixed: the GdalTools.py patch was applied upstream, no longer needed. dropped …
00:46 Ticket #1308 (sample metadata is missing) created by hamish
/usr/local/share/data/metadata leads to a dead symlink
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