A short summary of changes: New features in GRASS 7.8


Stable Release

Release Candidate 2 (RC2)

Release Candidate 1 (RC1)

Git Source Code

  • Milestone: 7.8.2
  • Release branch created on 4 Aug 2019 (GH d4879d4)
  • Git clone of latest 7.8 release branch (including yet unpublished bugfixes):
      git clone
      cd grass
      git checkout releasebranch_7_8

Overview of changes

The focus of this release are stability fixes.

Breaking news: Python 3, PROJ 6 and GDAL 3 compatibility in 7.8. Important fixes for the datum management with all supported PROJ versions.

The GRASS GIS 7.8.2 release provides more than 51 fixes and improvements with respect to the release 7.8.1.

New modules

  • n/a

Major module changes

(see also below for closed bugs)

Minor module changes

(see also below for closed bugs)

  • grass startup: added support for Google chrome and Chromium browsers
  • G78:g.mapsets: fixed missing checkboxes
  • G78:i.tasscap: support for Worldview-2 added
  • added GDAL driver user:password support; added wms_version 1.1.0; write string not bytes to capabilities file
  • G78:r.topidx: fix bug with steep slopes (#193); fix bug which showed up if there are negative TWI values

Improvements in the Graphical User Interface

  • wxGUI: fixed "ImportError: cannot import name 'NewIdRef' on some systems
  • wxGUI: do not fail on invalid RC file
  • wxGUI: replace obsolete !wx.BitmapFromImage
  • wxGUI wxplot: use wxpython plotting instead of old local copy

Python scripting

  • stability fixes regarding the Python 3 support

Projection support

  • Important fixes for datum support (PROJ 4, 5, 6)

GDAL support

  • GDAL 3 support: fixed missing gdal300.dll error

Database support

  • n/a

Library changes

  • libraster gdal.c: add .so/.dll for GDAL 3.0

JSON / REST support

  • n/a

Unit tests / CI

  • n/a

User Manuals - Documentation

  • Cleanup of multiple manual pages


  • osgeo4w: fix postinstall

Docker support

  • n/a

Message Translations

New Addons since GRASS 7.8.1

  • n/a

Closed tickets

Closed bugs since the last release

v.import/r.import error: "No layer selected. Operation cancelled"
wxGUI: Python error on "Set color table interactively" tool
grass-doc/html/r.sunhours.html says NOTESS
Histogram tool in the GUI: save button gives error
r.geomorphon compiler warnings
Manage access to mapsets gui missing checkboxes
#3948 man page: <map> is not a valid parameter
GRASS 7.8.1 GUI doesn't run on Pop! OS 18.04 (Ubuntu 18.04) because of "ImportError: cannot import name 'NewIdRef'"
Every single doc page has raw 'Last changed: $Date$' still stuck in it
g.manual: say "displays"
winGRASS: defining a new location by EPSG code: TypeError: invalid result from TransList.OnMeasureItem(), an integer is required (got type NoneType)

Closed wishes since the last release

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