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metes and bounds converter

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Land in the USA is described by 'metes and bounds' measurement. So anyone doing GIS landwork has to convert this legal description to polygons. There are some packages out there for ArcView?, but none in the Linux domain.

More on 'metes and bounds' -- "A parcel boundary is commonly defined by its relationship to some point of beginning (POB) by metes and bounds (north 23.5 degrees 350 feet thence east...) or by aliquot parts (e.g., the northern quarter of the southern quarter of Section 1 Township 1 Range 2)."

I work in a Oil and Gas data warehousing company. No O&G company can use GRASS to handle their landwork until this issue is solved. Some landmen use AutoCad?'s plug in to convert it then export.

My company would be interested in partially or completely funding this module/plugin depending on how many manhours it would take.

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does GRASS's m.cogo module help? or could it be expanded to be more useful?

"A simple utility for converting bearing and distance measurements to coordinates and vice versa."

I suppose a good check for the module would be to run it for a closed loop and check that the endpoint matches the starting point. Probably have to do that with fake data as what is printed on a survey sheet might not be exact which may lead to small circuit errors.


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FYI I've just updated m.cogo in SVN to be slightly more robust & added some examples to the help page.


comment:3 Changed 12 years ago by GrandmaDOG

Yes, it looks like m.cogo would be the core of the solution. A complete GUI friendly solution would be to be to launch the module and the first thing required would be to set the POB on a layer, then be prompted to type in the metes and bounds, have it offer what degree notation should be used (whether 30'45", 30:45, or 30.75).

Then it would create the polygon right there in the layer.

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