GRASS GIS 6.4.0RC3 Release


Overview of changes since 6.3.0

For changes between 6.2.3 and 6.3.0, see the 6.3.0 release announcement. Since the 6.3.0 release in April 2008, more than 1450 source code modifications have been done in the 6.4.0 release branch.

New modules

Major module changes

Minor module changes

Library changes

  • new function in libgis: G_is_mapset_in_search_path() (trac #379)
  • Tcl8.6 compatibility

Portability changes

  • Fixed gis.m scrolling with mouse wheel so that it works correctly across multiple platforms (cmbarton)
  • Various MS Windows-related wxGUI fixes, especially for the new OSGeo4W package (martinl)

Build changes

Message translation updates

Closed tickets

  • g.mapsets: unwanted mapset duplication with add= parameter (trac #379)
  • g.transform no longer calculating error for 2nd order transformation (trac #163)
  • r.le.patch: accept long filenames (trac #416)
  • Ask user to save current workspace(s) before quitting wxGUI (trac #452)
  • Ask user for confirmation before closing a Workspace tab (trac #453)
  • "Create new workspace file" needs a cancel button (trac #450)
  • Remove ability to cripple attribute table manager (could not find a better name) (trac #448)
  • wx version of v.digit relies upon non-portable hacks (trac #58)
  • wxPython/pseudodc.h not found (trac #51)

SVN Source Code

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