GRASS GIS 6.4.0RC4 Release


Overview of changes since 6.3.0

For changes between 6.2.3 and 6.3.0, see the 6.3.0 release announcement. Since the 6.3.0 release in April 2008, more than 1800 source code modifications have been done in the 6.4.0 release branch.

New modules

Major module changes

  • r.quantile: Fix bug with sparse data (one value per slot); Allow calculation of 100th percentile (Glynn)
  • Speed up by a third (Hamish, Glynn)
  • v.vol.rst: Speed up by removing unnecessary computations (Antonio Galea)

Minor module changes

  • gem: renamed to gem6 to avoid conflict with multiple GRASS installations (Markus)
  • g.rename: Make old == new check case-insensitive (Hamish)
  • i.atcorr: write cmd line to history (Markus)
  • i.landsat.rgb: fix mapset check (Hamish)
  • i.pca: write out appropriately eigenvectors, eigenvalues and percent importance (Nikos, Hamish, Markus)
  • r.fillnulls: don't use locale dependent output for parsing (Markus)
  • r.sun: merged pre-fork updates from old r.sun into new r.sun (Markus)
  • v.centroids: don't use locale dependent output for parsing (Markus)
  • v.colors: color parameter fixed; crash when layer > 1 fixed (Markus)
  • v.db.univar: fix potential white space in path bug (Markus)
  • line import fixed, don't change layer names, table naming fixed (Huidae)
  • v.out.ogr: warn if islands are found and -c not specified (Markus)
  • allow layer '0' (needed for wxGUI) (Martin)
  • allow layer '0' (needed for wxGUI) (Martin)
  • wxnviz: various fixes (Michael)
  • see also GRASS 6.4.0RC1, RC2, and RC3 release notes

Library changes

  • GRASS startup: Use HOME as initial GISDBASE; Make new messages localisable (Maris)
  • see also GRASS 6.4.0RC1, RC2, and RC3 release notes

Driver changes

  • dbf: check for nulls and sort them to the end in ORDER BY clauses (Moritz)
  • mysql: support for MYSQL_TYPE_NEWDECIMAL added (Markus)

GUI changes

  • Add a menu item to change the default GUI (Hamish)

Portability changes

  • i.cluster and r.topmodel and G__open_cell_old(): use DOS-friendly null device (Hamish)
  • fmode and dllmain compilation issues fixed (Juergen Fischer and Glynn)
  • native winGRASS installer updated (Colin Nielsen)

Build changes

  • 'make install' target added for modules, also useful for Addons (Markus)

Documentation updates

  • various manuals improved by Eric Patton, Markus Neteler and Hamish Bowman
  • Diagram of GRASS 6 architecture added in programmer's manual (Markus)

Message translation updates

  • Czech continued (Jan Trochta)
  • French continued (Pascal Obstetar)
  • German wxpython translation continued (Robert Nuske)
  • Italian wxpython translation continued (Luca Delucchi)
  • Spanish continued (Javier García and Carlos Dávila)
  • Turkish wxpython translation fixed
  • see also GRASS 6.4.0RC1, RC2, and RC3 release notes

Closed tickets

  • g.proj.exe crashes on Windows Vista (trac #537) (Juergen Fischer, Paul)
  • crash in GPJ_grass_to_wkt() on windows (trac #468) (Juergen Fischer)
  • grass startup tcl location creation from file crash "fileOpt::dtnum" (Markus)
  • raster data needs binary mode on windows (trac #469) (Juergen Fischer)
  • r.le.patch crashes on long filenames (trac #416) (Hamish)
  • r.los: bugfix in combination with raster masks (trac #111) (Benjamin Ducke)
  • v.out.ascii: layer=2 column output wrong (trac #495) (Martin)
  • vector georect broken in wx gui (trac #470) (Martin)
  • Map Display Window position does not remember saved position settings (trac #476) (Martin)
  • wxPython profiling tool fails to detect missing numpy (trac #472) (Martin)
  • wxGUI: mapset access module broken (trac #479) (Martin)
  • wxGUI: show error message if nviz extension is not available (Martin)
  • wxGUI: multiple layer selection fixes (Martin)
  • wxGUI: profile fixes: Limit total points plotted in profile module to 500 to prevent hanging with large, high resolution maps (Michael)
  • wxGUI: quit gracefully when g.region crashes (trac #493) (Martin)
  • wxGUI: location manager fixes (including osgeo4w #37) (Michael)
  • wxGUI: digitizer osgeo4w patch (Juergen Fischer, trac #519)
  • wxGUI: refresh map canvas after vdigit (trac #524) (Martin)
  • wxGUI: Fix frozen database browse window on MacOSX (Michael)
  • wxGUI/vdigit: cancel action when tool changed (trac #286) (Martin)

SVN Source Code

  • SVN Checkout 6.4.0 release branch:
      svn checkout
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