Version 158 (modified by neteler, 5 years ago) (diff) speed up OP_OVERLAP; Vlib: add Bentley-Ottmann algorithm to find line intersections (trunk r62091, r62045, r62089, partial r63830 for intersect2.c) done in r65423

GRASS 7 Release Planning

Already implemented

Planning & ongoing

Source code changes:


  • Use Sphinx for Python API (complete?)
  • Documentation: update HTML manual pages to more recent technology (see examples by Vaclav Petras) and #151


7.0.1 (to be backported)

Please check:

  • r65343 - vector/v.random/main.c: martinl Date: 2015-05-31
  • r64404 - libpython: move cmd list <-> tuple from wxGUI: martinl Date: Feb 2, 2015
  • r64834 - lib/python/script/ fix gettext behaviour - Author: glynn Date: 2015-03-11

7.0.2 (to be backported)

Please check:

  • r64877 - grass/trunk/raster/r.patch: call Rast_cell_size just once, not for every cell - Author: wenzeslaus Date: 2015-03-16
  • r62162 - vector/v.generalize: add test for self-intersection, use Vect_line_intersection2() - Author: mmetz Oct 2, 2014


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Critical issues

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Further issues

General strategy


7.0.0RC 1-3 releases

7.0.0Beta 4 release: planned as last beta before RC1

7.0.0Beta 1-3 releases

History notes

GRASS 7 development SVN diagram

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