Major code review of G3d library and related modules

Announced with Ticket #1389 a major code review by Sören Gebbert was done to remove the confusion about the row ordering implementation in the G3d library and to provide a consistent behavior for all G3d related modules. Since r46788 the G3d library and therefor all related modules are using now consistently the row order approach of the raster library. The coordinate ordering and tile approach is visualized here: G3d volume layout.

Changes in the G3D library

  • Consolidation of putValue() and getValue() function from several different source files into a single source file
  • Re-implementation and addition of several coordinate transform functions
  • Rewrite of the nearest neighbor resampling function
  • A new function to compute the optimal tile size for new created G3d maps was implemented
  • Update of the Doxygen documentation to document the row order approach
  • Added test suite to test the get- and putValue() functions as well as the coordinate transform functions

G3d related module changes

All G3d related modules have been code reviewed, three new modules have been implemented and several have been modified to use the correct row order approach. Test cases for automated testing using the new planed test framework have been implemented for many modules.

See full module list at G7:raster3D

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