Vector library in GRASS 7

Vector Library from Programmer's Manual

See also Radim Blažek's TODO.

See also GRASS 7 ideas collection (to be merged into trac)

File-based spatial index

Done in r38385 and r39148

Memory consumption

  • 3D points: GRASS 7 needs much less memory to build the topology (about 5% of the memory needed in GRASS 6.x).
  • Support for Lowmem mode added

Done in r44859, r46901

OGR data provider

GRASS-OGR data provider allows to read and write any vector data format supported by OGR library.

For more information see OGR data provider page.

PostGIS data provider

PostGIS data can be accessed using GRASS-OGR data provider or by native GRASS-PostGIS data provider. See also page relared to editing PostGIS data in GRASS.

Vector Category Index

Use a search tree to keep the category index always sorted and for fast insertion/deletion. This change would considerably improve the scalability when editing large vectors or adding or removing features while maintaining topology. Needs testing if a search tree is considerably faster than e.g. insertion sort.


3D vector data support


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