Bolsena 2012 - draft agenda

For the 5th time, the Bolsena OSGeo Hacking Event is taking place. This page lists some ideas that can be discussed within the GeoNetwork faction.

Please add any idea you have here !

  1. On going projects ?
  2. Community
    1. Committees
    2. mailing lists
  3. On going proposals
  4. On going tickets
  5. Discussion on GUIs
  6. Discussion on architecture updates
    1. Security
    2. domain model
    3. logging
    4. i18n
    5. Schema plugin
  7. Build
  8. Webspecs testing
  9. Repository migration to GitHub
  10. Wishlist
  11. R&D
  12. Presentations
  13. Progress reports

On going projects ?



  • Review what's improved, for the Advisory Board and the Program Steering Committee, since last year
  • Many times, PSC members do not vote on proposals within the allotted time frame for that. How can we improve on that.

mailing lists

The percentage of mails to the mailing lists with 0 responses (counted from the last max 105 mails) is:

It's like flipping a coin, asking something on our mailing lists. On the largest (english users), as on the spanish users, you might as well think you should forget about it as the odds are against you getting even 1 single reply.

Is it an idea to establish a Mailing List Governance Committee whose task it is to monitor any mails to all of the lists that go unanswered for more than say 2 days, and then approach people to ask if they would respond? It's great to have so many subscribers but it would be even greater to have a substantially larger number of emails responded.

By contrast, as an example, the same count on the Wicket users list shows 18% unanswered emails.

On going proposals

On going tickets

Discussion on GUIs

Discussion on architecture updates


domain model

Considering GeoNetwork's functionality, you might expect there exist a class called Metadata, representing metadata. Sadly, this is not the case. The lack of a domain model makes doing changes to GeoNetwork very much more difficult and encourages source code pasta. Let's model our domain, and while at it, use Hibernate to have the domain classes hide the database.


There is no point in maintaining a home-made logging facility when there are de facto standard libraries for this. Let's replace GN logging with slf4j, and back it by the venerable log4j.


We have localisation in a very large number of xml files, in the database, and in yet different locations for Javascript. It would be most welcome to have 1 single place for all translations. At the very least, is there anything against merging all the xml files into a single file per language?

Schema plugin


Building GeoNetwork seem repeating some tasks several times (like javascript minify), slowing the process. Check maven configuration to fix/improve this.

Webspecs testing

The last code spring I (Jesse) created a small suite of integration tests by taking the existing Geonetwork integration tests and combining them with some tests back ported form Geocat integration tests. I also started a maven module that would run the tests when ran with the profile integration-tests. Since then I have updated the tests and fixed bugs based on those tests. I would like to commit this work and back-port more tests.

In addition I have started working on some javascript tests. I would like to see them integrated into the build.

Repository migration to GitHub

Discussion about advantages/disadvantages of repository migration to GitHub. Tools like SubGit seem can help for smooth migration, keeping in synch SVN-GitHub repositories.


  • JSON outputs to make JS apps easier




  • Clustering GeoNetwork, by Jose García & Heikki Doeleman
  • Pessimistic locking and metadata lifecycle, by Jose García & Heikki Doeleman
  • Metadata difference viewer, by Jose García & Heikki Doeleman
  • Monitoring Webapps ( usecase) by Jesse
  • Git for SVN users by Jesse
  • Searching geo-information using document boosting, faceted search, (geo)synonyms & query expansion, "linkeddata" analysis by Francois
  • Feature catalogue metadata (ISO19110) editor/helper QGis plugin by Francois

requested (who wants to do it?) :

Progress reports

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