Adding tabsearch as default template for widget interface

First do some testing

  • new i18n-keay should be added for common languages (search for spatial data, advanced, help, about, home, map, powered by)
  • advanced search panel, does not grow/scroll when multiple keywords are added, then slids out of panel
  • advanced search, map not correctly configured, position upper left corner, no box drawn
  • when uploading a thumbnail from metadata edit, no warning is shown image is not uploaded, but no image gets attached
  • when you star a record (actions-star) there is a couple of page-blinks (panel-refreshes up to 10/20)
  • language is set to fre, but language dropdown still indicates eng
  • zoom to button on list - action does not open map tab
  • does not resize or offer navigation tools to the toolbar when it's full of opened metadata
  • a space is missing between checkbox and title in list
  • metadata detail, a file download option should not be displayed when link is "Unknown"
  • XPathException : Template view-with-header-dublin-core has not been defined @/geonetwork/srv/eng/view?uuid=3893b993-5426-4880-b0fd-4b4035a416a7&currTab=simple
  • Ext.get(-javascript error: var w=Ext.get("_"+wsen[0]).getValue(); (App-mini.js line 17023)
  • in metadata detail in chrome the scroll bars are not covering full extent of page
  • in chrome the left panel in search results is displayed instantly, and can not be collapsed, in Firefox it can
  • download as zipfile from gives 404 (/geonetwork/srv/en/resources.get?id=10&
  • /geonetwork/srv/eng/*&pThesauri=external.theme.inspire-service-taxonomy&pMode=searchBox&maxResults=35 throws nullpointerexception

Then some fixing

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