Bolsena 2011 - Agenda

  1. Monday
  2. Tuesday
  3. Wednesday
  4. Thursday
  5. Friday
  6. Other things on the to do list without a planned day
    1. On Community issues


  • INSPIRE option for search form and CSW (Jose) status: committed
  • Remove hardcoding of http (Jose) status: committed
  • MinorEdit (Heikki) status: committed to trunk, but needs to be tested
  • Replace Massive with Batch (Jeroen, Heikki) status: committed to trunk, but needs to be tested
  • MVC_Framework to be moved to archive (Heikki) status: page has disappeared already
  • Move the 10.000 apps proposal into the R&D section (Heikki) status: page has disappeared already
  • fragments/subtemplate editing (Francois, Simon) status: ??


(Start of morning presentations)

  • GAAP presentation (Heikki & Jose) status: postponed to thursday
  • SDMX presentation (Erik van Ingen) status: done

(End of presentations)

  • GUI Widgets new experimental user interface (Francois, Michel, Jeroen, Jose, Simon)
  • ConfigOverride (propose for vote and integrate the patch) (Craig)
  • Registration of GN nodes to some central registry for harvesting (could include other services as well) (Heikki)
  • Brief examination of ESRI GeoPortal interoperability issues - document (Simon)


  • Documentation (Jeroen, Patrizia, Francois)
  • schemaPlugins documentation in trunk (Simon)
  • List of contributors and organizations to the website and documentation (Simon first)
  • CAS authentication support (Jose will investigate for integration in 2.8)
  • Active tickets (close, assign, fix etc...) (Heikki, Jim, Paul, Craig)


  • INSPIRE conference workshop & presentations (Jeroen, Jose, Heikki, Francois)
  • Jeevlet sandbox (Francois)
  • Harvesting module refactoring (or add the history function to the old one) (Mathieu update proposal, Jim, Craig, Paul)
  • GAAP still work to be done. Add as an experimental option. (Jose, Heikki)
  • Versioning of metadata (Simon)


  • schemaPlugins design needs to include services (Lower priority, Simon)

Other things on the to do list without a planned day

See also Bolsena 2011 - draft agenda

On Community issues

  • Revitalize the GeoNetwork week and Advisory Board (Jeroen)
  • Copyright to OSGeo in the future? (Jeroen)
  • Add Francois as admin to all community tools. (Jeroen)
  • Translator guidelines
  • Update the way we manage maintenance of languages
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