Proposal number : Proposal title = allow MinorEdit on Metadata

Date 2008/03/26
Contact(s) s.grellet@…
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Status draft
Assigned to release to be determined
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When editing the metadata, the editor has the choice do consider the changes as a 'MinorEdit'. Thus, ChangeDate is not updated neither in the XML nor in the Database.

As a result, no changes appear on the RSS feed (people having subscribed to your RSS feed don't really need to be informed when you correct a typo in a Metadata file).

Changes have been made to DublinCore, ISO 19115 and ISO 19139 schemas.

Printscreen of the GUI after modification

Proposal Type

  • Type: GUI Change
  • App: GeoNetwork
  • Module: Metadata Edit
  • Documents:
  • Email discussions:
  • Other wiki discussions:

Voting History

  • Vote proposed by X on Y, result was +/-n (m non-voting members).


  • List of participants and role (if necessary) in current GIP : s.grellet assisted by fx.prunayre
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