GDAL/OGR 1.11.3 Release Notes

The 1.11.3 release is a bug fix release.

Build (Unix)

  • Support custom buildflags in GRASS plugin (#5850)
  • GRASS 7.0.0 support (#5852)
  • fix detection of ECW SDK 5.1 on Mac (#5867, #5390)
  • Add support for Poppler >= 0.31.0 (#6118)


  • /vsitar/: remove useless validation test that prevents from opening valid .tar files (#5864)


  • gdal_grid: fix crash in optimized mode with GCC 4.4 on 64bit (#5987)
  • Fix failure in GDALSuggestedWarpOut2() when computing output image size in case the top-left and bottom-right corners tranform to the same point (#5980)
  • Rasterize: add check to avoid burning negative x values (#5641)

GDAL core

  • GMLJP2 reader: add compatibility with OGC CRS URL as found in GMLJP2v2 (#5940)
  • GMLJP2: on reading, don't do axis inversation if there's an explicit axisName requesting easting, northing order (#5960)
  • GMLJP2: add missing rangeParameters element to validate against GMLJP2 schema (#5707)


  • gdalbuildvrt: fix potential crash when using -b switch (#6095)
  • gdalserver: fix compilation with recent GNU libc (such as in Arch Linux) (#6073)
  • gdalwarp: emit error message if file specified with -cutline cannot be opened (#5921)
  • gdalwarp: fix 1.11.2 regression when invoking several times gdalwarp with several input files on the same target file, and when the input files have a nodata setting: only the last input file was warped onto the target dataset (#5909)
  • ogr2ogr: fix crash with -clipdst when a reprojection fails before (#5973)
  • for Update, Clip and Erase, only creates attribute of input layer by default (#5976)

GDAL drivers

ECRG driver:

  • change subdataset definition to make sure that they only consist of frames of same scale (#6043)

ERS driver:

GeoRaster driver:

  • New SRID search (#5911)
  • Fix user-defined SRID issue (#5881)

GTiff driver:

  • fix GTiffDataset::IsBlockAvailable?() wrong behaviour when compiling against internal libtiff, when a BigTIFF file has a TileByteCounts? with LONG/4-byte counts and not LONG8 (#6001)
  • avoid generated corrupted right-most and bottom-most tiles for 12-bit JPEG-compressed (#5971)
  • on reading attach PROJ4 extension node for Mercator_Auxiliary_Sphere / WebMercator? (#5924)

HDF4 driver:

  • fix AnyTypeToDouble?() to use proper type (int instead of long) to work with DFNT_INT32/DFNT_UINT32 on 64-bit Linux (#5965)

HF2 driver:

  • fix reading side of the driver to work on architectures where char is unsigned, like PPC or ARM (#6082)

NetCDF driver:

  • fix crash on opening a NOAA dataset (#5962)
  • fix computation of inverse flattening (#5858)

Northwoord driver:

  • Fix computation of intermediate color table values on non-Intel platforms (#6091)
  • NWT_GRD: don't advertize scale/offset as they are transparently applied in IReadBlock() (#5839).

RPFTOC driver:

  • add tweak for weird relative directory names in the A.TOC file (#5979)

TIL driver:

  • fix half pixel shift in geo registration (#5961)

VRT driver:

  • add more checks to CheckCompatibleForDatasetIO() to avoid issues with overview bands (#5954)
  • fix rounding of output window size on VRTSimpleSource (#5874)


  • morphFromESRI(): map Mercator_Auxiliary_Sphere to EPSG:3857 (#5924)

OGR drivers

EDIGEO driver:

  • backport conversion of atof() to CPLAtof() to avoid truncation of floating point numbers including coordinates on a non C locale (#6070)

GML driver:

  • accept choice between gml:polygonProperty and gml:multiPolygonProperty (#5977)
  • fix GML_ATTRIBUTES_TO_OGR_FIELDS=YES to work correctly with xlink:href too (#5970); and also backport a trunk fix for writing the correctly path to attributes in nested elements
  • VFR: add support for OriginalniHraniceOmpv? (#5853)

GeoJSON driver:

GPKG driver:

  • on reading, recognize GEOMCOLLECTION to be compatible of GDAL 2.0. Still writing GEOMETRYCOLLECTION in 1.11 branch (#5937)
  • escape column names on reading/insert/update (#5879)

MSSQLSpatial driver:

  • Add support for creating features with default values (#5957)

OpenFileGDB driver:

  • fix 1.11.2 regression with FileGDB v9 where the presence of a non spatial table can cause other layers not to be listed (#5875)

PG/PGDump drivers:

  • fix truncation of fields to work with multi-byte UTF-8 characters (#5854)

Shape driver:

  • SHPReadOGRFeature() should free the passed psShape when not NULL and if the DBF record is deleted, so as to avoid later reads to faild (linked to #5974)

SQLite driver:

  • Fix issue with consecutive identical characters in layer name with ExecuteSQL() (#6107)

SWIG Language Bindings

Perl bindings:

  • Fix creation of Field Definition object (#6099)

Python bindings:

  • Fix build with SWIG 3.0.6 (#6045)
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