Proj4js 1.3.1 and later

Proj4js is now being maintained as a Github repository.

Instructions for installing:


Please use Github for issue tracking and pull requests.

Proj4js 1.1.0

This version of the library is distributed as a .zip file and is available from the following link.

Unzip this file in a web-accessible directory and then include the file proj4js-compressed.js in your web page. See the UserGuide for more details.

The SVN repository for Proj4js is at: metacrs/proj4js

Some example Proj4js definition files can be found in the proj4js/lib/defs subdirectory however this project does not intend to become a repository of coordinate system definitions.

Tickets closed in the most recent release:

script errors
license change
Mercator error
Add a version variable
Mercator with lat_ts

Proj4js 1.0.3

adjust_axis: typo in error message
undefined strcmp function
Proj4js.Proj.poly::init error in test
fix global variables and Proj4js.common constants usage
Krovak projection port
misc errors
Handling of projections with towgs84 parameter
EPSG:27700 (OSGB)
Add support for non-Earth radius to Sinu projection
laea.js erroneous references to sinph0 & cosph0
MGRS utility for Proj4js

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