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PostGIS Tracker and Wiki

Build status Debbie
Debian Buster/sid
GNU/Linux 64bit
gcc (Debian 8.2.0-3) 8.2.0
SFCGAL 1.3.0
Proj 5.1.0
Tests upgrades (trunk+)
32bit (mingw64 gcc 4.8.1)
/ 64bit (mingw64 gcc 4.8.3)
SFCGAL 1.3 head
GNU/Linux 64bit
PG 9.3 to 10
GEOS 3.6.2
GDAL 2.2.3
Tests upgrades
Ubuntu 12.04
GNU/Linux 64bit gcc 4.8.4
PG 9.4 (= 2.2)
PG 9.5 (= 2.3)
PG 9.6(≥2.4)
GDAL 2.1.0
GEOS 3.6, 3.7
see badge titles
for details
Tests dump-restore
FreeBSD 11.2 64-bit
clang version 4.0.0
PG 10.1 (≥2.3)
GDAL 2.2.3
GEOS 3.6.2
SFCGAL, Proj 4.9.3
FreeBSD 11.2 32-bit
clang version 4.0.0
PG 10.1 (≥2.3)
GDAL 2.2.3
GEOS 3.6.2
SFCGAL Proj 4.9.3
trunk status status status status status status status
2.5 status status status status status
2.4 status status status status status
2.3 status status status status status

About PostGIS

PostGIS is a geospatial extension for PostgreSQL. It allows map data to be stored, queried and analyzed within the database. It is an OSGeo project. This Trac instance is used for bug, enhancement & task tracking for PostGIS. It also serves as a user and developer wiki, and a view into the code repository. To edit the wiki pages and bug/enhancement/task tickets you'll need to login with an OSGeo Userid. Read the TracGuide for details about how the site works.

The project's website is



Mail lists

  • postgis-users – Discussion of the use and uses of the PostGIS
  • postgis-devel – Discussion of ongoing development to the PostGIS; technical issues and debates about changes to the internals of PostGIS belong here
  • postgis-tickets – Automatic notifications from Trac tickets (also called "issues")

Bug Tracking

Related Planets


PostGIS Extensions

List of PostGIS extensions:

PostGIS Raster (formerly PostGIS WKT Raster)

PostGIS Topology

Trac Documentation

For a complete list of local wiki pages, see TitleIndex.

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