PostGIS Pre-built Binary Distributions for various OS

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CentOS 4-6, Scientific Linux 4-6, Redhat EL 4-6, Fedora 12-16

PostgreSQL Yum Repo managed by Devrim Gunduz is the best source for both PostgreSQL and PostGIS binaries

PostGIS 2.0

CentOS 6 PostgreSQL 9.1 Instructions


PostGIS 2.4

PostgreSQL Apt 10 PostGIS 2.4


You'll see PostGIS various versions available on EnterpriseDb Application StackBuilder after you install

PostgreSQL Installers

All these should work on all supported Windows OS We commonly test on Windows 10, Windows 2012, Windows 2016, and Windows 2019

PostGIS 3.1


These are built for PostgreSQL 10-12 manually for 64bit whenever a change in the PostGIS master branch

PostGIS 2.3-3.0 buildbot builds

these are auto-built by buildbot whenever codebase changes. Usually takes about an hour or so after a change for the packages to be available Read the packaged Readme. If you don't have patience for reading you can also just copy over the folders into your PostgreSQL install and use in your database.

CREATE EXTENSION postgis_raster; --for PostGIS 3.0+
CREATE EXTENSION postgis_topology;


PostGIS 2.0

KyngChaos PostgreSQL 9.1 Lion and Snow Leopard, 64bit only


PostGIS 2.0

PostGIS 2.0.1 for OpenSUSE Tumbleweed, 12.1,12.2, 11.2-11.4 Note these are all listed as unstable since they are not directly distributed by Official OpenSUSE repo. The package is called postgis2 to distinguish it from the postgis 1.series

which are incompatible


pkgsrc is the official packaging system on NetBSD and Dragonfly, and supports many other systems.

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