PostGIS Tutorials some complete with data

Crunchy Data PostGIS Learning Portal

Everything about PostGIS (2019) video

Introduction to PostGIS

PostGIS Gotchas (2015)

PostGIS for Power Users slidesvideo Paul Ramsey — FOSS4G2011

Almost Idiot's Guide to PostGIS (last update for PostGIS 2.2) (2015)

Oh, the Places You'll Index! - Spatial Analytics and PostGIS by Jackson Voelkel

Intermediate GIS with QGIS and PostGIS by Datapolitan

PostGIS Talks

PostGIS Day 2019 STL

PGDay Europe 2010 PostGIS Talks

PostGIS - das Wo? in der Datenbank Talk by Stefan Kellar showing use of OpenStreetMap in a Box and some samplings of PostGIS queries, new PostGIS Raster support, and using PostGIS with GeoServer and OpenLayers PostGIS, a PostgreSQL module for spatial data Talk by Vincent Picavet provides some examples of outputting geometries in KML, WKT of different geometry types supported in PostGIS 2.0 including Polyhedral Surfaces, history of PostGIS

Integrating PostGIS in Web Applications (PG Con East 2010 - Leo hsu and Regina Obe)

This covered using OpenLayers, OpenStreetMap Layers, brief intro to GeoExt, setting up Mapserver and GeoServer as OGC WFS/WMS services. Reverse proxy for ASP.NET that can be used for any kind of WMS/WFS server (VB.NET, C#). Roll your own solution using PostGIS ST_AsKML, ST_AsGeoJSON functions.

PGCon 2009 Spatial Analysis PostGIS (2009)

Introduction to PostGIS (2009) (2009)

Foss4G 2007 Introduction to PostGIS (2007)

RASTER TUTORIALS (using new PostGIS raster datatype and functions)

Videos History of PostGIS and its feature set

Web Mapping, Road Routing and other use case examples

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