14 Apr 2017:

14:31 Ticket #1909 (Script for verify version installed vs quick start version) created by cvvergara
Automate a test per project that makes a verification of what is …

7 Apr 2017:

13:38 Ticket #1905 (IRC client) created by bakaniko
I had a question so I wanted to join the irc channel. But there is no …

5 Apr 2017:

09:47 Ticket #1904 (Update GeoMoose to version 2.9.3) created by jimk
GeoMoose 2.9.3 is a small fix for a security vulnerability found in …

4 Apr 2017:

03:11 Milestone OSGeoLive10.5 completed

2 Apr 2017:

09:30 Ticket #1902 (rasdaman demo throws errors on 32bit) created by kalxas
After testing 10.5rc2 32bit iso, rasdaman throws some exceptions on …

29 Mar 2017:

10:34 Ticket #1897 (QGIS crashes) closed by kalxas
fixed: Confirmed fixed in nightly 79. The new tiff package is available both …
01:46 Ticket #1431 (ZOO demo appears broken) closed by kalxas
fixed: yes, thank you Gerald, the issue is fixed now.

27 Mar 2017:

09:59 Live_GIS_Workshop_Install edited by astrid_emde
04:30 Ticket #1431 (ZOO demo appears broken) reopened by kalxas
The OGR demo page seems broken due to a Javascript error. CGAL and OTB …

26 Mar 2017:

14:47 Ticket #1901 (Java World Wind Quickstart is substandard) created by camerons
The Java World Wind quickstart is sub standard and is not following …
14:41 Ticket #1900 (Java World Wind multiple layers not found) created by camerons
Selecting Geospatial -> Navigation and Maps -> World Wind Java The …
14:24 Ticket #1899 (Jupyter Notebook is selectable within the OSGeo-Live menu) created by camerons
Jupyter Notebook is selectable within the OSGeo-Live menu, but the …
14:05 Ticket #1898 (Cesium - some layers not visible from quickstart description) created by camerons
When Cesium opens up in the "Hello World" demo, the default map, Bing …
04:35 Ticket #1897 (QGIS crashes) created by camerons
Open QGIS (from command line if you want to see error logs) Follow …

24 Mar 2017:

03:01 Live_GIS_Workshop_Install edited by astrid_emde

23 Mar 2017:

02:20 Live_GIS_Workshop_Install edited by astrid_emde
02:18 Live_GIS_Workshop_Install edited by astrid_emde
02:00 Live_GIS_Workshop_Install edited by astrid_emde

21 Mar 2017:

16:25 Live_GIS_Workshop_Install edited by astrid_emde
15:51 Live_GIS_Workshop_Install edited by astrid_emde

15 Mar 2017:

23:52 Live_GIS_Workshop_Install edited by best
23:51 Live_GIS_Workshop_Install edited by best
add workshop material (diff)
08:14 Ticket #1890 (tag docs for 10.5 final) closed by kalxas
fixed: done
07:35 Ticket #1447 (Change desktop font color to fit with new background image) closed by kalxas
fixed: Fixed: …
03:00 Ticket #1447 (Change desktop font color to fit with new background image) reopened by kalxas
We now have a light desktop image and white font color…
02:54 Ticket #1889 (backdrop image for 10.5) closed by kalxas
fixed: Merged :)

14 Mar 2017:

09:59 Ticket #1892 (Cleanup/update OSGeoLive sponsors) closed by kalxas
06:37 Live_GIS_Workshop_Install edited by best
Add workshop (diff)

13 Mar 2017:

04:44 Ticket #1418 (docs: Download links inconsistant between translations) closed by kalxas

11 Mar 2017:

13:35 Ticket #1734 (OSM Excellence for Live 10) closed by kalxas
13:20 Ticket #1891 (update OSGeo sponsors page) closed by astrid_emde
fixed: * Done see pull request …
09:54 Ticket #1893 (create 10.5 ppa) closed by kalxas

5 Mar 2017:

12:25 Ticket #1232 (Rasdaman quickstart doesn't follow quickstart format) closed by kalxas
09:24 Ticket #1894 (GMT quickstart doesn't follow quickstart format) created by kalxas
The GMT quickstart doesn't follow the format defined at: …
03:27 Ticket #1893 (create 10.5 ppa) created by kalxas
action item for release
03:16 Ticket #1892 (Cleanup/update OSGeoLive sponsors) created by kalxas
action item for release
03:13 Ticket #1891 (update OSGeo sponsors page) created by kalxas
needed for release
03:11 Ticket #1890 (tag docs for 10.5 final) created by kalxas
Action item for release
03:10 Ticket #1889 (backdrop image for 10.5) created by kalxas
Action item for release
03:08 Ticket #1885 (JOSM fails to open featured city local data) closed by kalxas
invalid: works locally for me too

4 Mar 2017:

16:21 Ticket #1888 (QGis 2.14 misc warnings) created by darkblueb
shown by launching via X on the command line: […]

3 Mar 2017:

12:22 Live_GIS_Workshop_Install edited by astrid_emde

28 Feb 2017:

00:20 Ticket #1887 (Update ZOO-Project quickstart to match with recent demo updates) created by kalxas
We need to update the quickstart since the demo UI has also changed.

27 Feb 2017:

16:40 Ticket #1884 (Java World Wind missing from latest builds) closed by kalxas
fixed: Confirmed fixed in build 65.
13:54 Ticket #1886 (PyWPS quickstart not working) created by kalxas
The quickstarts needs an update for the recent stable version.
13:52 Ticket #1885 (JOSM fails to open featured city local data) created by kalxas
This issue appeared after updating JOSM to version 11427.
13:47 Ticket #1442 (GeoNode fails to load demo vector layers) reopened by kalxas
Similar issue in recent 10.5 builds, sample data from GeoServer not …
13:37 Ticket #1884 (Java World Wind missing from latest builds) created by kalxas
Looks like the World Wind binaries have moved: […]

23 Feb 2017:

02:32 Ticket #1851 (rasdaman installer fails due to permission error) closed by kalxas

20 Feb 2017:

08:08 Ticket #1881 (Vector Tiles additions) created by kalxas
It would be very valuable to showcase the latest improvements on the …
05:34 Ticket #1880 (Ubuntu Xenial 16.04.2 update) created by kalxas
Ubuntu has released 16.04.2 a couple of days ago. …
04:58 Ticket #1859 (OpenJUMP 1.10) closed by kalxas
fixed: Fixed.

18 Feb 2017:

11:32 Ticket #1879 (OTB launcher not listing applications) closed by kalxas
fixed: Fixed: …
11:27 Ticket #1879 (OTB launcher not listing applications) created by kalxas
Similar issue with Monteverdi, OTB Launcher needs a .desktop fix to be …
10:34 Ticket #1738 (central maintenance of software version - move version to conf.py) closed by kalxas
10:34 Ticket #1616 (Comments on OSGeo-live 9.5 alpha2 testing) closed by kalxas
wontfix: Thanks for the feedback. Not sure if there is something to fix here.
10:30 Ticket #1073 (Cartaro Quickstart review: Openlayers version Warnings appear in the ...) closed by kalxas
wontfix: Cartaro retired from OSGeoLive
10:29 Ticket #1304 (cartaro help page refers to PostGIS 1.5) closed by kalxas
wontfix: Cartaro retired from OSGeoLive

6 Feb 2017:

05:27 Ticket #1764 (Replace osmapi package with python-osmapi) closed by kalxas

4 Feb 2017:

02:24 Ticket #1774 (Switch to MapProxy packaging maintained by the Debian GIS team) closed by kalxas
02:23 Ticket #1850 (ZOO-Project-1.6.0) closed by kalxas
02:22 Ticket #1761 (Xenial version of usb-creator fails to create a live usb key) closed by kalxas

1 Feb 2017:

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28 Jan 2017:

23:07 Ticket #1859 (OpenJUMP 1.10) created by darkblueb
OpenJUMP Team has tagged the 1.10 release. This ticket is a place to …

22 Jan 2017:

11:02 Ticket #1851 (rasdaman installer fails due to permission error) created by kalxas
rasdaman installer fails with the following error: […] Another …
04:59 Ticket #1850 (ZOO-Project-1.6.0) created by djay
I have tried today the following …
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