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Website/Reboot Component 2 Handover to OSGeo

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I have an action item out of todays website/rebranding meeting:

  • Ask Alex to discuss how to hand over source code with SAC.

The contract with Get Interactive indicated we wanted all the source code for the website in version control at the end of the project.

Options discussed in this mornings meeting:

  • GitHub Private
  • GitHub Public
  • GitLab

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comment:1 by jive, 7 years ago

I am sorry I do not quite know what to expect for "website source code", perhaps someone with more word press experience can answer.

comment:2 by wildintellect, 7 years ago

Depends on the products, from the sounds of it, the Theme files are the only "source" code they created related to the new site. Should be img, js, php, css, xhtml [1]


  • Github Public
  • OSGeo Git

Seem like the right options. Will put the question on tomorrow's meeting agenda.

comment:3 by robe, 7 years ago

We've decided to do OSGeo Git. strk I'm sure you have instructions for setting this up somewhere.

comment:4 by strk, 7 years ago

It should be intuitive, head over, sign in, create new repository. Maybe under the "sac" organization, or "osgeo" one, you decide :)

comment:5 by robe, 7 years ago

It probably should go under osgeo but it seems I have no access to osgeo org.

comment:6 by robe, 7 years ago

actually all osgeo stuff looks like it's osgeo live. Would it be bad if we create another org, like maybe marketing?

comment:7 by robe, 7 years ago

As noted in #2029 let's have osgeo-live have its own and then osgeo website would go under osgeo.

comment:8 by strk, 7 years ago

To avoid waiting for OSGeo Live people to move I'd go Marketing org. We do have a "sac" org too so it make sense to have an org for each commettee..

comment:9 by cvvergara, 7 years ago

I don't like the word "marketing" because it can be misleading because OSGeo is a non for profit organization, When looking up the definition of the word includes the word "selling" and that word can make think people that is for profit.

Marketing: "the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising."

On how to handle it because of OSGeoLive.. I think we can have the website repository regardless of the OSGeoLive repositories existence, but contact incubation, talking about the issues that we are having because of having OSGeoLive as part of trac (No movement yet from the OSGeoLive project) and as part of OSGeo gogs (yet to inform OSGeoLive about this issue)

comment:10 by robe, 7 years ago

Too late I added the marketing committee :)

and made Jody Garnett one of the owners. strk should all ldap accounts be addable in Gogs. I can't even add Vicky's to OSGeo one? Or do I have to create the account first

comment:11 by jive, 7 years ago

So while I am signed in to I am not quite sure what I am being asked to do.

The repository for website theme assets should be under the SAC organization, since this is the group responsible for keeping the server going.

in reply to:  9 comment:12 by jive, 7 years ago

Replying to cvvergara:

See the wiki for the responsibilities of the committee (not focused on selling). It looks like the original name was visibility committee, I have suggested renaming it to outreach committee last year.

For a larger discussion on marketing and not-for-profits there are plenty of examples; they key is to focus on communication of the groups intent. And not get distracted by fundraising, or in the case of OSGeo asking for volunteers for all our worthy activities.

comment:13 by jive, 7 years ago

Follow up to IRC discussion:

  • group "osgeo"
  • repo "wordpress"

comment:14 by robe, 7 years ago

done. I'll give Jeff access once he's logged in, you should be able to access now.

FWIW I like Outreach better than Marketing.

comment:15 by jive, 6 years ago

Can this issue be closed now?

comment:16 by robe, 6 years ago

Resolution: fixed
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