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MapGuide Maestro is an Open Source (LGPL) map authoring tool for MapGuide Open Source.

MapGuide Maestro is a free application that can ease the management of spatial data in MapGuide Open Source. Currently MapGuide Maestro has specialized editor interfaces for editing the following components of MapGuide Open Source: Feature sources, Layer definitions, Map Definitions, Web Layouts and Fusion Layouts. There are specialized editors avalible for all the official FDO providers, as well as a fallback editor for unknown types.

MapGuide Maestro is written in 100% managed C#, targeting the .Net framework. It consists of a user interface, and an API (MaestroAPI). The API wraps server communication and Xml formats, in easily accesible, fully managed classes. It can use the official MapGuide API for fast access on the local network, or a fully managed http-only connection.

MapGuide Maestro aims to support all features avalible in the MapGuide Open Source server, but is currently under development, and does not directly support some of the MapGuide Open Source features, such as Symbol libraries and Print layouts.

MapGuide Maestro is designed with flexability in mind. The tool tries very hard not to take any options away, and always allows you to edit the internal Xml of the feature you are working with. This ensures that features that are missing from the interface can still be accessed.

When using the tool, please bear in mind that the project is a work in progress, and may not always perform as expected. Try to keep backups of all important data. If you encounter an error, or have a feature request, please check our bug database, and if it has not already been reported please report it (You must have an OSGeo ID, please ensure that you select Maestro as the component, or I won't see it). If you have a question about the usage, you can ask at the MapGuide-Users mail list.

MapGuide Maestro was previously named MapStudio Open Source.

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