MapGuide Maestro Source Code

This page contains instructions for downloading and compiling MapGuide Maestro.


The code will only compile with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 or newer. The reason for this is the use of the System.Windows.Forms components, which are supported by Mono, but only at run time. In turn this means it can only compile on Windows. You can grab a free-of-charge copy of Visual Studio for C# by visiting this link.

You will also need a subversion (SVN) client. I recommend the TortoiseSVN plugin for Windows, as well as the AnkhSVN plugin for Visual Studio.

Downloading the code

After installing TortoisSVN, complete these steps in order:

  1. Create a new folder, called Maestro
  2. Right click the folder, and select SVN Checkout
  3. As the Repository Url, enter:
  4. Click OK

The repository should allow anonymous checkouts, if not try using your OSGeo ID credentials. If you use a command line based SVN agent, this line should do the same:

svn co Maestro

Compiling the code

Enter the folder Maestro/Maestro, and double click the file "Update DEBUG environment.bat". This will copy required files into the bin/Debug folder. Then doubleclick the solution file "OSGeo.MapGuide.Maestro.sln". Once loaded, press F5 to run the application in debug mode.

Getting code updates

From time to time, you can check for updates, by right clicking the folder and choosing SVN Update. The TortoiseSVN context menu also gives access to code change history.

Understanding the code

There is documentation for the API part of the application on the MaestroAPI page. There is currently no documents describing the MapGuide Maestro GUI.

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