MapGuide Maestro User Guides

This page contains instructions for MapGuide Maestro usage.

NOTE: Most of this user guide is no longer up to date and is only applicable for Maestro 2.x and older releases. A newer updated user guide is included with Maestro 3.1 and newer releases.

Welcome to the Maestro User Guide

This guide will get you started with authoring maps for MapGuide. You can read all the chapters one by one, or jump to the one you're interrested in.

Each guide will cover the basics of a Maestro component, and give you hints to MapGuide specific behavior. On each page, there is space for user comments, so please add your favorite tips and tricks where you find them relevant!

Pick a page, or start from the beginning:

Advanced guides:

If you want to add a guide, you can log in with your OSGeo ID and add it.

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