MapGuide 2.6.1 Release Notes

MapGuide Open Source 2.6.1 is now available. These release notes only cover what's changed from MapGuide Open Source 2.6.

For what's new and changed in MapGuide Open Source 2.6, see the 2.6 release notes


Windows 32 bit installer:

Windows 64 bit installer:

Windows 32-bit MgInstantSetup bundle:

Windows 64-bit MgInstantSetup bundle:

Ubuntu 12.04 install script (32-bit):

CentOS 6.x install script (32-bit):

Sample Data

This release includes a new version of the Sheboygan Sample data set demonstrating features introduced in this and recent versions of MapGuide

Fusion build tools

Fusion build tools is a zip file containing the build.xml and associated build tools required to "re-compile" fusionSF.js and fusionSF-compressed.js on a production fusion installation.

Use the Fusion build tools if you have made patches and/or modifications to your fusion installation, and you need to build a new fusionSF.js and/or fusionSF-compressed.js

In order to use the Fusion build tools, you need to have Apache Ant installed.

To use the Fusion build tools, extract the zip file contents into your fusion directory and navigate to this directory in the command prompt and execute the following command:

ant compress

This will re-build fusionSF.js and fusionSF-compressed.js under fusion\lib

Due to the default installation location (under Program Files), you may need to do this under a UAC-elevated command prompt or fix the directory permissions so that normal users can create/modify files.

Windows Compatibility

IMPORTANT: MapGuide Open Source 2.6 and newer is not supported on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 in either IIS or Apache configurations. MapGuide Open Source 2.5 is the last release to support Windows XP and Windows Server 2003

Windows VistaMaybe+Maybe+
Windows 7YesYes
Windows Server 2008Yes+Yes+
Windows Server 2008 R2N/AYes
Windows 8Yes1Yes1
Windows Server 2012N/AYes1
Windows 8.1Maybe1Maybe1

+ Not tested, but similar enough to Windows 7 to theoretically work

  • IIS configuration will probably not work. Apache config should work due to its self-contained nature

1 IIS/.Net successfully tested on Windows 8 64-bit and Windows Server 2012. Windows 8 32-bit is similar enough to theoretically work. Apache config untested

Windows RT (ie. Windows 8 on ARM devices) is not a supported platform for installing MapGuide Open Source

Installer Notes

  • You cannot use the windows installer to in-place upgrade an existing MapGuide Open Source 2.6 installation, you cannot have 2.6 and 2.6.1 installed side-by-side with the windows installer and you must uninstall 2.6 before installing 2.6.1. Use the InstantSetup bundle if side-by-side installs are required. Be sure to back up any data and applications before carrying out the new installation.
  • On linux, the install path is /usr/local/mapguideopensource-2.6.1 and the FDO install path is /usr/local/fdo-3.9.0. You must uninstall 2.6 before installing 2.6.1. Be sure to back up any data and applications before carrying out the new installation.

MapGuide Changes/Fixes

MapGuide Open Source 2.6.1 fixes the following issues

  • #309: mgserver daemon does not start after reboot
  • #1727: Force uniqueness of layer name list in MgDrawingService::EnumerateLayers
  • #1858: Fix WMS GETFEATUREINFO for lines and points
  • #1996: Fix ReadNext() reader behavior in SQLite provider
  • #2453: Fix missing API documentation on .net exception proxy classes.
  • #2479: v2.6 QUERYMAPFEATURES doesn't work properly if map has no coordinate system
  • #2481: RenderMap with keepSelection = true, only shows outlines of selections
  • #2484: Base layers with labels don't render correctly
  • #2485: Fix 0 line thickness causing KML lines/borders to not be drawn in Google Earth
  • #2486: Use LL84 coordinate system code instead of WKT when creating MgCoordinateSystem objects for all KML operations
  • #2490: Render legend image icons with transparent background
  • #2492: Reclaim dangling sockets on mgserver restart (allows for immedate mgserver restart after crash on Linux)
  • #2499: Schema report: ShowFirstClass doesn't work
  • #2501: In basic web layout, Select Within will select all features in map when user restricts the results to an invisible layer
  • #2523: Fix bad include paths in PHP developer's guide samples
  • #2526: Fix MgUnclassifiedException? when doing a QUERYMAPFEATURES with PERSIST=0
  • #2547: Attribute values are wrong in Selection Panel if feature source is joined
  • #2548: Fix inability to clear selections by calling QUERYMAPFEATURES and omitting both GEOMETRY and FEATUREFILTER parameters
  • #2551: Zoom in/out raster file (sid file) in flexible web layout results in server down
  • #2552: Zoom slider not available in IE 10 with basic layout and without compatibility mode.

Fusion Changes/Fixes

  • #566: Fix redline/measure/buffer/etc not working with exclusively tiled maps
  • #610: Fix zoom level not correct with Google and Bing base maps
  • #625: Error uploading SQLite redline data stores for editing
  • #626: Fix KML/KMZ redline export for SHP and non-LL84 data stores
  • #628: Fix external base layers not showing in OverviewMap widget
  • #629: Fix doubles with value 0.0 being shown as empty strings
  • #630: Fix calling reloadMap() fails when commercial layers are enabled
  • #631: Fix base maps being shifted when scale < 1000
  • #632: Fix select feature not working well with IE11
  • #633: Update browserdetect.js

FDO Notes

MGOS 2.6.1 is compatible with FDO 3.9.

This release is built against the FDO 3.9 branch.

FDO Changes

  • Update OpenSSL to 1.0.1m
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