MapGuide 2.5 Release Notes

MapGuide Open Source 2.5 Final is now available.


Windows 32 bit installer:

Windows 64 bit installer:

Windows 32-bit MgInstantSetup bundle:

Windows 64-bit MgInstantSetup bundle:

Ubuntu 12.04 install script (32-bit):

CentOS 6.x install script (32-bit):

Fusion build tools

Fusion build tools is a zip file containing the build.xml and associated build tools required to "re-compile" fusionSF.js and fusionSF-compressed.js on a production fusion installation.

Use the Fusion build tools if you have made patches and/or modifications to your fusion installation, and you need to build a new fusionSF.js and/or fusionSF-compressed.js

In order to use the Fusion build tools, you need to have Apache Ant installed.

To use the Fusion build tools, extract the zip file contents into your fusion directory and navigate to this directory in the command prompt and execute the following command:

ant compress

This will re-build fusionSF.js and fusionSF-compressed.js under fusion\lib

Due to the default installation location (under Program Files), you may need to do this under a UAC-elevated command prompt or fix the directory permissions so that normal users can create/modify files.

Windows Compatibility

Windows XP SP3YesMaybe*
Windows Server 2003YesMaybe*
Windows VistaMaybe+Maybe+
Windows 7YesYes
Windows Server 2008Yes+Yes+
Windows Server 2008 R2N/AYes
Windows 8Yes1Yes1
Windows Server 2012N/AYes1

+ Not tested, but similar enough to Windows 7 to theoretically work

  • IIS configuration will probably not work. Apache config should work due to its self-contained nature

1 IIS/.Net successfully tested on Windows 8 64-bit and Windows Server 2012. Windows 8 32-bit is similar enough to theoretically work. Apache config untested

Windows RT (ie. Windows 8 on ARM devices) is not a supported platform for installing MapGuide Open Source

Major New Items

  • PDF-based QuickPlot for Fusion (RFC 124)
  • Google Street View widget for Fusion (RFC 125)
  • Support for user coordinate system dictionaries (RFC 127)
  • Integrated IDE API documentation support for Java/.net (RFC 129)
  • New enhanced Java wrapper API (RFC 129)
  • Streamed HTTP feature/data/SQL query results (RFC 130)
  • Various AJAX Viewer UI and functionality improvements
  • Enhanced Redlining widget with expanded data format support more info
  • Fixes and enhancements to assorted Fusion widgets and templates more info

Please report any defects.

FDO Compatibility

MGOS 2.5 is compatible with FDO 3.8.

This release is built against the FDO 3.8 branch (with the ArcSDE Provider from the RC1 SDK)

Key items in FDO 3.8 of benefit to MapGuide include:

  • SQL Server provider fixes:
    • Flipped coordinates for geometry columns
    • Defects in post-insert processing, that made MgFeatureService::UpdateFeatures un-usable for SQL Server provider.
  • Proper intersection filter testing in ODBC provider.
  • GDAL raster provider with resampling support. FDO RFC 65
  • Large file support in SDF/SQLite FDO providers (where size > 231 bytes)

Installer notes

Installing MGOS 2.5 (via the windows installer) alongside MGOS 2.4 or older releases is not a currently supported configuration. Consider using the MgInstantSetup bundle instead if you desire side-by-side installation

The installer does not currently support IIS Express as an IIS configuration option.

Please observe the updated software requirements if you are using .net and/or IIS configuration:

  • IIS (all versions) require FastCGI for IIS to be installed.
    • For IIS6 and below, download and install the FastCGI extension from this link
    • For IIS7 and above, you can install FastCGI by enabling the CGI feature of your IIS installation. See this link for more information.
  • The supported .net Framework version for the MapGuide .net API is 4.0. You must have this version of the .net Framework installed before proceeding with installation.

Java configuration requires Java 6 (1.6.0) or higher.

The MgInstantSetup bundles only work with IIS7 or higher if you choose to use this web server. You must still satisfy the .net and FastCGI software requirements required for this configuration.

To assist new MapGuide users and developers, the installer also now bundles the following optional components:

  • .net/PHP/Java viewer samples
  • MapGuide Developer's Guide in HTML format with updated content
  • .net/PHP/Java Developer's Guide Samples

All bundled samples require the Sheboygan dataset to be loaded into the MapGuide Server.

Finally, due to coordinate system dictionary paths no longer tied to a global environment variable (RFC 122) a mandatory system reboot after installation is no longer required for all supported versions of Windows. However, a restart of Apache and/or IIS may be required for PHP to work.

For the InstantSetup bundles, the MgInstantSetup utility requires .net Framework 3.5 to run. This is in addition to whatever existing software requirements imposed by this release of MapGuide Open Source.

For Tomcat configuration, the installer currently does not install Tomcat as a service (#953). You will have to do this manually post-installation.

Also ensure that you install the JVM of the same bitness as your installation of MapGuide. For example, you will get a java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError if you attempt to run a Tomcat from a 32-bit MapGuide installation on a 64-bit JVM. If you have both 32 and 64-bit JVMs installed, you must ensure that the Tomcat bundled with MapGuide is using the correct one. Tomcat will generally use the one indicated by the JAVA_HOME environment variable, so this may have to be set and/or overridden.

The CentOS binaries only target CentOS 6.x. CentOS 5.x is *not supported*. If you want to run MapGuide Open Source 2.5 on CentOS 5.x, you will have to build it from source.

Known Issues

  • #2252: It is not possible to call MgFeatureService::UpdateFeatures() with a NULL MgTransaction in the PHP API
  • #2218: MgFeatureService::UpdateFeatures() has incorrect error handling behaviour when useTransaction = false
  • Fusion Redline widget: Cannot import/export SHP redlines on Linux due to ZipArchive support not built into our bundled PHP.
  • Installer may generate a providers.xml entry for the ArcSDE provider if all providers are enabled in the "Feature Selection" dialog even if the installer does not actually bundle the ArcSDE provider. You can simply remove this entry from providers.xml after installation if this is the case.
  • 2.4 still used as the major.minor version number in various parts of the MapGuide installation
  • Ubuntu: Failure to install some pre-requisite packages may derail the install script. You may need to update your apt package database (apt-get update) before running the install script
  • Ubuntu: Install script may put duplicate FDO provider entries into providers.xml if the file already exists (eg. From a previous installation)
  • CentOS: SELinux security settings will prevent MapGuide from loading FDO and other shared libraries. The CentOS install script will fix the security contexts of the so files within these extracted tarballs that it will download.
  • CentOS: mgserver may throw double-free errors on service startup or server shutdown. Should not affect server behaviour.
  • The Performance Profiler on Linux may not work due to insufficient permissions to save the generated report files. To fix this, ensure the directory /usr/local/mapguideopensource-2.5.0/webserverextensions/www/mapadmin/profilingmapxml on linux has sufficient write permissions for the user account that the PHP executable runs under.
  • For an InstantSetup-based install with an Apache configuration, the Performance Profiler is hard-coded to always use mapviewerjava if it exists for displaying the map viewer for capturing extents for profiling. If you did not choose a Java configuration you will get the ajaxviewer.jsp source instead of the expected map viewer. To resolve this, delete the mapviewerjava directory
  • Uninstallation can leave "ghost" IIS virtual directories behind, which currently is any virtual directory / application you create inside the mapguide virtual directory that was not created by the installer These "ghost" directories may impact on future installations. To ensure these "ghost" directories are completely gone after uninstallation, use the appcmd.exe utility to remove these virtual directories. You can find out what virtual directories are still there by running

appcmd.exe list vdir

  • PHP Viewer and Developer's Guide samples will not work if the PHP viewer feature is not enabled. Likewise for .net and Java. Nothing in the installer will prevent you from making such a choice.
  • For the IIS configuration or Apache configuration with a custom http port, you will have to update the WFS and WMS server name configuration properties via the MapGuide Site Administrator after installation if you intend to use such features. This is currently set to localhost:8008 for both.
  • We have used a non-standard binary build of Apache/PHP to produce this installer, as a result some PHP extensions and Apache modules may not be available.

API changes and notes

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