MapGuide RFC 125 - Support Google Street View in Fusion

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Submission Date08/08/2012
Last ModifiedTed Yang 27/08/2012
AuthorTed Yang
RFC Status adopted
Implementation Status under development
Proposed Milestone2.5
Assigned PSC guide(s) Bruce Dechant
Voting History 8/23/2012
+1 Trevor, Jakie, Bruce, Zac, Haris
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This RFC is trying to integrate the Google Street View into Fusion Viewer. With the new widget enabled, users can see the street view of the map if the service is available.


It’s always a better experience to see a vivid view of the world than only lines and blocks. Since Google has provided the APIs to access the Google Street View, here comes an idea to integrate Google Street view to MapGuide so that the user could see and interact with both the Map and the picture of the real world.

Proposed Solution

The Google Street Viewer will be implemented as a new widget:

  • The Street View can be displayed in TaskPanel or a separate Window / Frame according to the configuration
  • There will be an icon in Map indicating the position of the camera, the user can drag / rotate the icon to interact with the Street View
  • Coordinate System transform will be done if necessary

This new widget will have some extension properties:

  • Target, The frame, window, or TaskPane in which to display Google Street View for the widget. If empty, a new window is used
  • SymbolLayerName, The name of layer that shows the navigator symbol on map
  • ShowDirection, Whether to show a line to describe the current direction of the camera
  • DirectionLength, The length of the line to describe the current direction of the camera


This new function will only be implemented in Fusion Viewer. The new Google Street View widget is mainly some JS scripts, no changes to the Server Code.

Test Plan



Supplied by Autodesk.

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