MapGuide 2.1 Beta Release Notes

MapGuide Open Source 2.1 (BETA) is now available!

Major New Items

  • many improvements in performance, scalability and stability (count the closed tickets...)
  • an improved error reporting system, including service specific tracing
  • raster re-projection
  • multiple labelling improvements
  • GDAL raster support no longer crashes server
  • CS-Map as the coordinate system library
  • Fusion 2.0, including support for generic OpenLayers layers
  • optional enhanced handling of rendered line widths [3830]
  • AJAX viewer enhancements:
    • basic map commands now have cursors.
    • ability to toggle layer selectability from the legend pane
    • support for Task Pane URLs with query string parameters
  • brand-new open source Windows Installer

Thanks to the ever growing team of developers who are contributing to make the MapGuide Open Source project a more self-sustaining project.

Please report any defects.


Click here for instructions on how to migrate to MGOS 2.1 from older releases.

MGOS 2.1.0 is compatible with FDO 3.4.0.

If you are running Windows 2000, there may be issues if you have multiple PHP installations. The php extension that is supposed to resolve this issue was built with APIs that do not exist in Windows 2000.


Some RDBMS FDO providers may not work out of the box without the proper libraries installed. For example:

  • PostGIS provider requires libpq.dll
  • King.Oracle provider requires Oracle Instant Client

This normally happens if you installed MapGuide on a different machine from where the RDBMS is installed.

By default, these providers are not marked for installation. You may mark them for installation when going through the installer steps. However the above notes apply.

To enable such providers, edit the providers.xml file in the server\fdo directory

If you do install any RDBMS FDO providers, you may need to copy any required libraries into the MapGuide Server's FDO directory and restart your MapGuide Server.

API changes

New Server Configuration (serverconfig.ini) Options

  • Rendering Service
    • ClampPoints : reduce the thickness of zero width lines, especially for horizontal and vertical lines (default = 0)
    • GeneralizeData : reduce the perceived thickness by reducing the density of the rendered data (default = 0)

New Web Configuration (webconfig.ini) Options

These parameters allow you to tune how many connections the web tier will attempt to open with the server, which is important on Windows where only 63 connections are supported. These are per-client, so if you're running multiple agents (php, mapagent, .net, etc), or agents on multiple web tier servers, make sure to take them all into account.

  • AdministrativeConnectionProperties
    • MaxConnections (Default 2)
  • ClientConnectionProperties
    • MaxConnections (Default 12)
  • SiteConnectionProperties
    • MaxConnections (Default 6)

Disk Space

The installer requires at least 1.5GB of disk space on C: during installation. Otherwise installation may not proceed.

If you do not have sufficient space on C:, you can open the installer file with 7-zip and extract the contents to another drive, and run the extracted setup.exe from there. It may also be helpful to set your TEMP environment variable to a different drive.


The complete list of submissions can be found here.

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