wxGUI Modeler

Graphical modeler is a wxGUI extension which allows the user to create, edit, and manage models. It's available from the menu "File | Graphical modeler". Graphical modeler is available in GRASS 6.4.2+.

User wiki

See also GRASS User Wiki page.


  • Parametrization
  • Advanced data sources (database)
  • Interactive input (r.reclass, etc.)
  • If/else statements
  • Linking functions to the actions
  • Loops (list, series)
  • Documentation

Overview of commits here.

List of tickets

wxModeler does not accept r.mapcalc action
wxModeler: r.mapcalc action should allow to insert maps
wx modeler: Gtk warnings
gui modeler don't works as aspected
run model menu item does not seem to work
gui modeler: complete crash of gui when .gxm file modified in vi while modeler is active
Loading gxm file does not load Model, Items and Variables tabs
Save details from graphical modeler variables panel as g.parser comments in Python file
modeler problems with variable
graphical modeler problems with sql in v.extract

Further development

wxGUI Modeler

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