This page contains the agenda of the GRASS Project Steering Commitee.

Open issues

  • RFC 6: Migration from SVN to GitHub
  • grass-dev: elect new core developers (define some criteria on the way)
  • define long term support, which GRASS GIS versions? (see discussion here)
  • RFC 5: GRASS GIS Errata (Draft)
  • Revisit PSC renewal procedures
    • compare for example terms of the Geoserver PSC, especially regarding
      • Future PSC members
      • Stepping Down
      • Dissolution of PSC
  • Revisit PSC election procedure
    • add a candidate campaign period between nomination and voting: candidates should express what they plan to do if elected
  • PSC: assign roles to the PSC members

Open Motions

These entries need a vote from the committee members.


These entries do not need a formal vote.

Resolved issues

For motions, see also PSC Motions.


  • SVN write access to Ondřej Pešek as a new core developer, passed 26 Jan, 2019


  • SVN write access to Stefan Blumentrath as a new core developer, passed Jan 30, 2018




  • GRASS GIS - 30th birthday upcoming! MN is in contact with Jim Westervelt to identify the "precise" date. So we want to celebrate that all over the globe :) And on other planets, too, since we support extraterrestrial coordinate systems.
  • Revisit the license of the Web pages and manual pages. It may be appropriate to change to a Creative Commons license which are widely accepted now.
  • Moritz Lennert suggests: have some reflection on release strategy and notably GRASS 7 release. Maybe we could at least envisage some form of technology preview release that would allow us to where we stand.

2012 and older:



  • GRASS on recommendation to do so. Now available here
  • Add GRASS to Canonical's Rosetta translation project?
    Unresolved issue: a translation is a derivative and non-original work, and Canonical demands BSD-style copyright assignment of translations submitted through them (but not translations coming from the project). Could a translation back to english from one of those be a end-run around our copyright and the GPL?
    Update 2007: It appears that Canonical changed their Terms of use of Rosetta
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