Proposal: assign roles to the PSC members

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Note: a PSC member with a certain role can also delegate another community member to share the workload

Long-term working groups:

  • treasurer: MartinL, ...
    • oversee funding model, crowdfunding and sponsoring
    • Financial management: set up a non-profit entity
    • Get in more - approach potential sponsors, develop sponsoring program
  • release manager: Markus, MartinL
    • get the timing right in accordance to RFC/4_ReleaseProcedure
    • follow procedure which is documented in doc/howto_release.txt
    • follow yet undocumented extra tricks (inviting package managers to create new package etc)
  • translation manager: Lucadelu, ...
    • find new translators, cleanup similar messages in source code, ...
  • education working group: : Madi, MartinL, PeterL, ...
    • proactively enlarge visibility of GRASS GIS (events, press releases, articles, ...)
    • make it easy to teach GRASS GIS: collect material, advertise teaching material, ...
  • academic/research working group: PeterL, ...
    • DOI, citation section in documentation
    • Interfacing with scientific repositories (e.g. Zenodo)
    • Integration in Jupyter Notebook environments
    • Errata
  • press, marketing and sprints working group: Lucadelu, Veroandreo, ...
    • develop use cases and Case studies, write short articles, CMS: add user quotes on first page why people use GRASS? Refresh start page, ...
    • organizing community sprint
  • documentation working group: Madi, Veroandreo, ...
    • improve manual, add more examples, screenshots, ...
  • design working group: ...
    • prepare flyers etc.
    • improve Website and fix mobile issues
    • style and appearance of manual, gui
  • trac bug report manager: MartinL, ...
    • cleanup tickets, followup with open questions, ...
  • testing working group: Vaclav Petras, Soeren Gebbert
    • delegate writing tests
    • automated running of tests (continuous integration)
    • testing framework development and maintenance
  • GUI working group: Anna Petrasova, Vaclav Petras, MartinL
    • general UI design
    • ensure GUI works on all platforms
    • GUI documentation, API
    • wxGUI development
    • transition to wxPython Phoenix and Python 3

Short-term working groups:

  • Python 3 working group: Anna Petrasova, Vaclav Petras, Pietro Zambelli, MartinL
    • provide guide to test
    • ensure 2.7 and 3 code compatibility (decide which Python 3 version is the target)
    • develop strategy for all Python components: library (scripting, pygrass, temporal), wxGUI, scripts, addons
    • track progress on separate wiki page
  • svn -> git working group: MartinL, Vaclav Petras, ...
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