Marketing campaign

To better advertise the capabilities of GRASS GIS and its friendly community, we plan a marketing campaign. Some ideas are

  • (ideally) monthly blog post on the main site, with social media advertisements
  • ask students of our courses to fix bugs, add examples to manuals or write small tutorials as assignments that we could then show off with
  • pick some works of the students and create webinars or live streams
  • ... add more


  • "feature of the month" with screenshots (use manual pages and Wiki material)
    • "Did you know that ... "
  • advertise the mailing lists: purpose and where to subscribe
    • grass-user
    • grass-dev
    • grass-announce (a low traffic list)
  • newcomer level technical articles about
    • new startup in GRASS GIS 8: why is it cool
    • single windows GUI settings
    • data import/registration
    • how to best generate COG files with r.out.gdal
    • from zero to hero
    • ...
  • power user level technical articles about
    • invite folks to provide examples for manual pages
    • invite folks to translate messages in Transifex
    • ...
  • dev level technical articles about
    • compiling the software -> point to grasswiki installation page
    • work done on removing compiler warnings: explain how that's done with compiler flag using
    • Python linting and formatting: teach black and flake8
    • C linting and formatting efforts: teach indentation script
    • ...
  • edu related articles about
    • tutorials
    • curriculum (goal: enable academics to easier teach GRASS GIS)
    • ...
  • present new add-ons and examples of workflows using them
  • Nice tweet about ongoing code development:
  • Twitter: identify more hashtags to widen up the potential followers
  • ...

Twitter posts

Fediverse / Mastodon posts

Ideas for upcoming or recurrent posts

New ideas:

Tag cloud (collection, please expand):

  • @grassgis @osgeo
  • #gis #foss #foss4g #gischat
  • #satellite #remotesensing #EO
  • #opensource
  • #mapping
  • #community
  • ...

Upcoming posts (may be recycled and posted again)

r.futures new validation modules (done)

NCSU course (done)

General list of GRASS courses/materials by NCSU (done)

Invite folks to test release branch 8 and complete the wiki page (we did a similar one for GRASS 8 RC1)

  • We have the GRASS GIS 8 branch! Have you tested it? Which feature do you like most? Help us fill in the new features page:
  • We happily welcome text snippets and screenshots to highlight the new and exciting changes that will come with GRASS 8 as well as bug fixing, improvements, new modules, library changes, etc.

GRASS GIS + UAV + SDM for Rare Plant Monitoring (done)

FOSS4G 2021 videos template post (done, but could be recycled in future FOSS4G)

  • Did you miss the talk about #topic in GRASS GIS @foss4g 2021?? The video is online now!
  • Get your popcorn and enjoy the amazing #somethingrelatedtothetopic in #GRASSGIS with #author and the #grassgis dev team!
  • youtube link

Xmas (we didn't use this one)

End of year toast (done)

  • On Wednesday Dec 29th at 20:00 UTC, GRASS GIS community will meet for the end of year toast (glasses, beers)
  • Link will be published here: <thread link>
  • Join us!!

New Year (we didn't use this one)

  • A lot happen this year! Have a look at our 2021 summary: <link>
  • Glasses up for a great 2022~~

New discussion forum in GitHub & mailing lists (done)

Tangible Landscape and GRASS GIS for Geography Education (done)

  • Tangible Landscape and GRASS GIS were used to teach geography topics such as water flow and flooding phenomena to 11 yo students in a secondary school. How cool!!
  • The Tangible Landscape system couples a physical model with its digital model in GRASS GIS via 3D scanning, geospatial processing, and projection. The main advantage of this tangible system is that children can interact with the physical model by hand and see the effects of changes to properties of the model or simulated landscape processes. They can then concentrate on spatial aspects and effects of changing landscape components.
  • Students showed an improved understanding of the concept of contours and basic landforms, indicating that Tangible Landscape provides an easy-to-understand concept and teaching tool that improves the geospatial thinking of students.
  • Add pics from the paper (fig 3 & 5) + link to the paper:
  • Link to tangible modeling book (

Student's projects/work in the context of GRASS mini grants

Redesigning the map display status bar combo box into a new settings dialog (done)

  • During GSoC 2021 Linda (twitter handle) proposed and implemented a simple prototype of Single-Window GUI. It looks really cool at first glance. Still, there are some shortcomings and missing features that need to be removed/implemented to provide the Single-Window GUI layout as an optional mode in upcoming GRASS version 8.2.0.
  • In these couple of months, with the mentoring of Anna, Martin and Vaclav, Linda (twitter handle) will be working on the reorganization of the map display status bar towards a fully functional testable Single-Window GUI mode which addresses the map display window settings through a new dialog.
  • Have a look at Linda's project and progress here: and also the latest relevant PRs therein. Testing and feedback is highly appreciated. We are really looking forward for the Single-Window GUI in full swing! Thanks Linda and her mentors for such great features!

Space-Time Dataset Visualization and Improved Interactive Maps for grass.jupyter (done)

  • During GSoC 2021, Caitlin (twitter handle) along with her mentors, created “grass.jupyter”, a package that improves the integration of GRASS GIS and Jupyter with a set of functions for displaying GRASS data in Jupyter Notebooks. In its current state, grass.jupyter allows users to create static visuals and simple interactive maps.
  • In these couple of months, mentored by Vaclav, helena and Stefan, Caitlin (twitter handle) will be working on new additional features to allow Jupyter users to fully and easily access the power of GRASS
  • Specifically, she'll be focused on:
    • create a class for visualizing space time datasets allowing users to create interactive time-sliders and non-interactive animations such as GIFs
    • improve the integration with #folium so that users can access all of its functionality by means of new grass-folium objects
    • create a function to display vector attribute data in nicely-formatted #pandas or #GeoPandas tables
  • Have a look at Caitlin's project and progress here: and also test her contributions here:
  • Testing and feedback is highly appreciated. We are really looking forward for grass-jupyter in full swing! Thanks Caitlin and her mentors for such great features!

New bugfixing releases: 7.8.7 and 8.0.1 (done)

  • Add links to news posts from the website

PSC meeting minutes (done)

New rgrass version (done) enhancements (done)

Invitation to participate in GSoC (done)

  • Attention everyone! GSoC 2022 application period is approaching and this year the call is open to all open source newcomers that are 18yo and older, not only students. Also, there will be different sizes of projects to suit different needs. Check their basis:
  • Once again, the GRASS GIS project has created a list of ideas for you to jump in. You are welcome to bring your own ideas too.
  • If you are interested in geospatial programming, considering applying for this paid opportunity to develop your skills and contribute to open source. We look forward to hearing from you. Contact us via mailing list at

Huidae's workshop (done)

Isaac's videos (done)

Paulo's post (done)

r.viewshed.exposure (done)

GRASS GIS 8.2 RC1 out (done)

  • Have you heard the news? The first release candidate of GRASS GIS version 8.2 is out!! This will be a very special release, it comes with all the new features implemented during GSoC 2021 and also the results of students mini grants!
  • Some of the most exciting changes include: Optional single window mode, a new grass.jupyter package and parallel support for various raster modules
  • Have a look at the changelog for further details:

New addon: r.boxplot (done)

GRASS GIS 8.2 RC2 out (done with RT of Vashek's tweet)

Students grants results: Linda (done)

Students grants results: Caitlin (done)

  • Remember we told you about student grants some time ago? (cite old tweet - Caitlin)
  • Well, they have come to an end now, with exciting outcomes...
  • Have a look at Caitlin's results and enjoy the story of her path within our community in her own words:
  • If you enjoy the new python subpackage grass.jupyter and the new functionality that allows to easily connect GRASS and Jupyter notebooks as well as display maps and time series within notebooks, please consider donating to the GRASS GIS project via OpenCollective at so we can keep offering these grants to students interested in contributing to open source software

GRASS 8.2 is out! (done)

  • GRASS GIS version 8.2 is out!! This release comes with all new features developed and implemented during #GSoC 2021 + many other enhancements and fixes. (news page)
  • The most exciting new features include: grass.jupyter subpackage for better integration and display of maps and time series within Jupyter Notebook, a new single window layout, and various parallelized raster processing modules. (add pics)
  • See the release page for further details:
  • Thanks to #GSoC students, mentors, devs, new contributors and the whole community for such a great release!! Go team GRASS!! (gif)

GRASS GIS at the ODSE (done)

Workshops at FOSS4G (done)

Talks at FOSS4G (done)

GRASS GIS 39 b-day (done)

  • The first user manual for (what would become) GRASS GIS was published by J. Westervelt and M. O’Shea on 29 July 1983... This is why the GRASS GIS community celebrates today 39 years of continuous open source development and geospatial coolnes!! Happy birthday #GRASSGIS!!

How to switch to Single-window? (done)

  • Have you updated your GRASS GIS installation to the latest stable version 8.2?? Would you like to test the single-window layout? We've got you covered!
  • (add screenshots)

New edition of the student grants (sep 19th - done)

  • Are you a student interested in contributing to #opensource? Are you interested in geospatial? The GRASS GIS project announces the 2022 edition of the "Student grants" program!!
  • Bring your idea, discuss with the community, reach out to developers... We are looking forward to your application!
  • Basis and conditions at:

New edition of the student grants (sep 22nd - done)

Soeren cyberdeck with raspberry pi and GRASS (done)

Open bugs (done)

Open PRs (done)

Addons - Open bugs (done)

Addons - Open PRs (done)

GRASS GIS 8.2.1 released (done)

How to import raster/vector data into GRASS GIS? (done)

  • Show r.import, v.import, and as the most common commands

USGS course using GRASS (done)

New startup in GRASS GIS 8+ (to be crafted and posted)

New info bars (to be crafted and posted)

  • Show info bars guiding data import - search for material

How to create locations in GRASS GIS? (to be posted)

  • Show different ways

How to connect GRASS and R? (to be posted)

  • link to rgrass vignette

How to use GRASS from Jupyter Notebooks? (to be posted)

  • link and screenshots to new notebooks

Thank you note to donors and sponsors (to be posted)

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