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Blocker and critical bugs

GRASS 7 Release Planning

Already implemented

Planning & ongoing

7.0.0RC1 (planned for 29 Dec 2014 14 Jan 2015)

Relevant differences - to be clarified:

  • Volume/voxel/raster3D terminology cleanup (Vaclav) r64055, r64054, r64053
  • v.distance: geodesic support
  • v.kernel: Vect_net_shortest_path_coor2() usage
  • v.out.ascii: return test in vector/v.out.ascii/main.c
  • various differences
  • various modules: %s= and %s= are mutually exclusive

Source code changes:


  • Use Sphinx for Python API: partially done
  • Documentation: update HTML manual pages to more recent technology (see examples by Vaclav Petras) and #151


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Further issues

General strategy

7.0.0Beta 4 release: planned as last beta before RC1

7.0.0Beta 1-3 releases

Trunk is undergoing (radical) changes.

GRASS 7 development SVN diagram

  • wxgrass development will continue for now
  • wxgrass development will continue for now

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