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CRS for r.external.out: caveat

GRASS 7 Release Planning

Already implemented

Planning & ongoing

Source code changes:


  • Use Sphinx for Python API (complete?) (done)
  • Documentation: update HTML manual pages to more recent technology (see examples by Vaclav Petras) and #151


  • preserve EPSG code when creating a new location from WKT (Well Known Text) or GDAL/OGR input (applies to gis library, general, raster, and vector modules)

7.4.1 (to be backported)

  • i.atcorr: backport S2B support, S2A update and other fixes
  • r72030 libraster: more informative messages when reading a row fails done in r72322
  • r72031 libgis: more informative messages when (de)compression fails done in r72323
  • r72042 libgis: add warnings when writing compressed data fails done in r72323
  • r72098 r.external.out: write CRS (#3059) - requires a new dependency for raster lib and changes to the Make system
  • r72159 r.external.out/r.out.gdal: add CRS EPSG code if available - requires a new dependency for raster lib and changes to the Make system
  • r72203 libinit: init: more messages for invalid location or mapset done in r72295
  • complete documentation update, see
  • Transifex sync
    • important: grass*_lv.po are more recent in SVN! Do not overwrite from Transifex but put into Transifex~~
    • all others: update from Transifex

7.2.3 (to be backported)

  • r.grow.distance: clean up after r68611: r69327
  • lib/python/temporal: major differences to be checked TODO
  • i18N: Install gettext to Python script modules to use translated strings extracted by r70817: r70818
  • vector modules: Added layer specific database information to extended metadata flag: r69535 done in r72023
  • Print an error instead of failing in a XY location: r70819 done in r72022


  • d.linegraph: a series of improvements, see (wenzeslaus: most are improvements/features, a lot of code changed, leaving it for 7.4)
  • i.atcorr: Sentinel-2A r70161 (Test feedback in ML needed first, leaving it for 7.4)
  • Storage type (wenzeslaus: not sure what it is, but code is not identical in 7.2 and trunk, leaving it for 7.4)
  • v.what.strds: add capabilities to use names also for temporal dataset with minutes and seconds granularity: r69331 (leaving it for 7.4)


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Critical issues

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Further issues

Addon candidate to be moved to trunk

Comment from Moritz: At one point we said that only addons that have tests should go into core. AFAICS, none of the below have tests [edit: r.object.geometry now has some tests]...


Maybe, if stable enough

General strategy

... regular publication of stability releases:

7.y.x ... 7.0.x ... 7.0.1 ... 7.0.0:

Historical notes

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