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GRASS 7 Release Planning

Already implemented

Planning & ongoing

Source code changes:


  • Use Sphinx for Python API (complete?) (done)
  • Documentation: update HTML manual pages to more recent technology (see examples by Vaclav Petras) and #151


  • NULL compression, make default ~and backport to 7.0 for compatibility~
  • RLE/DEFLATE/LZ4 compression: #2750: LZ4 when writing raster rows; better than double I/O bound r.mapcalc speed
  • r.mapcalc / r3.mapcalc: new variables to access current region dimensions in cells (nrows, ncols, ndepths) (r67664)

7.2.3 (to be backported)

  • vector modules: Added layer specific database information to extended metadata flag: r69535
  • i18N: Install gettext to Python script modules to use translated strings extracted by r70817: r70818
  • r.grow.distance: clean up after r68611: r69327
  • lib/python/temporal: major differences to be checked TODO
  • Print an error instead of failing in a XY location: r70819


  • d.linegraph: a series of improvements, see (wenzeslaus: most are improvements/features, a lot of code changed, leaving it for 7.4)
  • i.atcorr: Sentinel-2A r70161 (Test feedback in ML needed first, leaving it for 7.4)
  • Storage type (wenzeslaus: not sure what it is, but code is not identical in 7.2 and trunk, leaving it for 7.4)
  • v.what.strds: add capabilities to use names also for temporal dataset with minutes and seconds granularity: r69331 (leaving it for 7.4)


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Critical issues

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handpicked issues:

  • #2456: read CSV from GDAL data directory

Further issues

Addon candidate to be moved to trunk

Comment from Moritz: At one point we said that only addons that have tests should go into core. AFAICS, none of the below have tests...


Maybe, if stable enough

General strategy

... regular publication of stability releases:

7.0.x ... 7.0.1 ... 7.0.0:

Historical notes

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