Discussion zone

This is the discussion zone for general features/ideas that need to be formalized. Pages in this zone should be created after a somewhat complete discussion on the mailing lists or in other "ventilating" systems such as forums has been carried out.

The idea is to synthesize a discussion into a document that could be a prelude to :

  • 1 or more feature enhancement/bug tickets or eventually
  • formal enhancement proposals a PSC could vote on or even
  • end user documentation.

For now, just add your pages to controversial/thorny issues. Use separate sections with an intro and then create the wikipage, as in the following example.

Note : to ensure the pages are hierarchically under the current page, start your wiki links with "WikiStart/DiscussionZone" (this page) as in WikiStart/DiscussionZone/YourPage.

Unified queryonclick

How to unify WMS GetFeatureInfo and WFS GetFeature in a single UI toolbar button : WikiStart/DiscussionZone/QueryOnClick

ACL end user documentation

how do we go about writing an effective end user documentation for setting up GeoPrisma with an ACL : WikiStart/DiscussionZone/AclDocumentation

Release Plans

The following pages contain the release plans for the according version :

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