Fusion 2.2.0 Release Notes

This the first release in the 2.2 series of Fusion.


This release introduces some structural changes to the Fusion library:

For MapGuide users, this release is for use with MGOS v2.2 or higher due to a backward-incompatible change in MGOS (for MGOS version 2.1 or earlier, please use Fusion v2.0.0). The are no backwards compatibility issues with Fusion and MapServer.


Fusion continues to ping MG to try to keep the session alive even after the session is gone
Maptips Should Only Show for Visible Layers
The fusion link to view tool or bookmark does not save the map layers that are selected by the user
decode xml string before rendering attribute in www\fusion\widgets\SelectionPanel.js
PATCH: Layer checkbox is not accessed properly in show function: /www/fusion/layers/Layers.js
Bing: Map with Bing maps doesn't refresh when browser maximize
Measure: double click can't always end segment drawing in IE7
Fusion Legend Issues
Exception in FDO component when using feature information (Digitize Polygon)
Tiles and maps are not displayed in MapGuide Arbitrary XY-M maps
Replace GetSiteInformation with GetSiteVersion
A typo in registerEventID function
Fix The GetParent() function
update to OpenLayers v2.9.1
New Commercial Map Service Layer support - Open Street Map
update to OpenLayers 2.10
IE9-beta createElement fix
error in Maptip label param
Mapserver query changed at 5.6.1
update templates to use Google v3 API
In latest Chrome/Safari, the icon of Pan is incorrect
Base layer for MapGuide will not be shown if SingleTile is set to be true in application definition
Failed to enter values for the Query/Theme in Fusion in IE9 Beat
fix the aMaps[0] TODOs
MapGroup problem with tiled and dynamic mapguide layers
"Map Data" panel popup which using Google maps as commercial layers
Projection handling problems (defs folder and not passing wkt for parsing)
MapMessage can raise an error on refreshLayout()
MapMessage can raise an error on refreshLayout()
Tooltip support for all maps in MapGroup
add mapping for GoogleMercator to WKT parsing table in Proj4js
runtime loading of scripts broken in Firefox 4

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