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Transforming Coordinates from MgPoint

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I am able to transform coordinates on the fly from a FeatureReader?, but not from an MgPoint?. The MgPoint?->Transform() returns the coordinate as rads and must be converted like this:

$x = $x / M_PI * 180.0; M_PI is the PHP constant for pi $y = $y / M_PI * 180.0;

This transform into rads works from BC Albers to LL84, but does not work at all the other way.

The featurereader code that works goes:

while ($featureReader->ReadNext?()) {

MgByteReader? * GetGeometry? (CREFSTRING propertyName)=0 Gets the Geometry for the specified property. $byteReader = $featureReader->GetGeometry?('GEOMETRY'); MgGeometry? * Read (MgByteReader? *agf) Translates an MgByteReader? object into an MgGeometry? object. $geometry = $agfReaderWriter->Read($byteReader); $geometry = $geometry->Transform($transform);

The MgPoint? code that works only one way and returns a coordinate as rads goes:

MgCoordinate? * CreateCoordinateXY (double x, double y) Creates an MgCoordinate? object with Dimension = XY $coord = $geometryFactory->CreateCoordinateXY((double) $_REQUESTx?, (double) $_REQUESTy?); MgPoint? * CreatePoint? (MgCoordinate? *coordinate) Creates a point from a coordinate. $point = $geometryFactory->CreatePoint?($coord); MgPoint? is a subclass of MgGeometry? $point = $point->Transform($transform);

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Fixed by changes made for

Modifications to the SWIG generated wrapper code also affects the MgCoordinateSystemTransform::Transform() method which called is from MgPoint::Transform().

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External ID: 938892
Milestone: 1.2
Version: 1.2.0
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