Milestone: 3.3

Due in 7 days (Jun 30, 2018 6:00:00 PM)


Total number of tickets: 51 - closed: 7 - active: 44

Implemented Features

  • Support for creating MgMap instances with initial display parameters (RFC 157)
  • GeoJSON support
    • Format support in mapagent responses that return feature/geometry data (RFC 158)
    • Format support in WFS GetFeature responses and WMS GetFeatureInfo responses (RFC 163)
  • UTFGrid support for Tile Set Definitions using the XYZ tile access scheme (RFC 159)
  • New mgserver command-line capabilities to better support containerization and automated provisioning scenarios (RFC 160)
    • Package loading mgserver loadpackage
    • Setting passwords for built-in users mgserver setpwd
  • New Geometry APIs
    • Support for geometry simplification (RFC 153)
    • Support for prepared geometries (RFC 161)
    • Support for tessellating (approximating) curve-based geometries (RFC 161)
  • mapagent enhancements:
    • mapagent support for simplified and correct (with respect to schema) JSON responses (RFC 158)
    • Operations that return feature/geometry data have option for GeoJSON output (RFC 158)
    • New Geo-Processing services to bring up to feature parity with geometry APIs already available in the MapGuide Web API (RFC 161)
    • Support for batch transforming coordinates and re-projecting any response that returns feature/geometry data (RFC 162)
  • Support for building MapGuide on Linux with CMake instead of autotools (RFC 164)
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