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unexpected line creation behaviour

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In versions prior to 0.8.1, when creating a line a right-click was used to complete the line. This would terminate the line at the last point the user left-clicked. In the current svn however, the line is terminated wherever the mouse is when the right-click occurs. If snapping is on, and after a left-click a right-click occurs without the mouse moving much then the line may have two vertices in the same location.

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comment:1 by rhys, 16 years ago

It is also possible to create a one vertex line. I'm not sure how useful that is, especially since qgis doesn't display it when it is committed.

comment:2 by mhugent, 16 years ago

Resolution: fixed
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This is intended to be a feature rather than a bug :-) The advantage of adding the last vertex at the mouse position where the right click occures is that the feature you get looks like the rubber band on screen. With the behaviour prior to 0.8.1, the last rubber band segment visible on screen was not included in the added feature, and that may be confusing. If you are used to the behaviour prior to 0.8.1 this might be annoying at the beginning. But I think the new behaviour is more logic, because if you click two times at the position of the last vertex, you get two vertices there.

r7083 prevents the creation of lines/polygons with only one vertex.

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