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The QGIS Team, 4 June 2011

Welcome to the Quantum GIS Project Management Site

This site provides project managment support, bug/issue tracking, and viewing of the Subversion source code repository. For more information, see Using Trac with QGIS.


To submit issues you need an OSGeo id

Report a Bug

Use the New Ticket button to report a bug. You must have an account and be logged in to submt a bug. But you should proably read Using Trac with QGIS for a brief explanation first.

Project Statistics

Project statistics and developer activity can be viewed at

Useful bug queues and Bug Triages

What is a bug triage? Its a short term focussed period of bug squashing. Click the triage links for more info.

1.0.0 milestone Bugs Closed against 1.0.0 Milestone
0.9.2 milestoneBugTriage0.9.2 Bugs Closed against 0.9.2 Milestone
0.9.1 milestoneBugTriage0.9.1 Bugs Closed against 0.9.1 Milestone
0.9 milestone
0.8.1 milestone


Raster Transparency Branch



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