NetBeans SQL Editor with functions autocompletion and PostGIS documentation

Netbeans IDE provides a powerful database explorer and SQL editor. The SQL editor offers features such as:

  • Syntax coloring
  • Contextual code completion for databases, schemas, tables, columns
  • Execution of SQL code at cursor
  • Execution of SQL scripts

Unfortunately, the editor does not autocomplete functions/procedures, a feature that would be cool for PostGIS functions.

The SqlFunctionsCompletion adds this functionality to the SQL editor.

SqlFunctionsCompletion plugin is a NetBeans 7.3 and 7.4 plugin (NBM file) extending the default SQL Editor to add User-Defined functions and procedures autocompletion based on the current query context.

When configuring a Netbeans database connection, a default schema can be set. This default schema is used by the module to search functions from.


  • Contextual autocompletion of user defined functions
  • PostGIS schema aware: PostGIS schema is searched through all schemas to enable autocompletion of postgis functions in all cases. (Option in Preferences Pane)
  • Inline, browsable documentation for PostGIS functions from website.
  • Documentation version is chosen according to the running PostGIS version.

How to Install

  • Download the SqlFunctionsCompletion NetBeans module from the NetBeans Plugins Portal
  • Open NetBeans Plugins Manager (menu Tools | Plugins)
  • Click on Downloaded tab and add the downloaded .nbm file
  • Install the plugin
  • Restart Netbeans IDE

How to Update

New: Update Center URL have changed:

Edit the SqlFunctionsCompletion Update Center (Tools | Plugins) and set the new URL:

  • For NetBeans 7.4:
  • For NetBeans 7.3:

The plugin automatically installs an Update Center. If NetBeans Auto Update feature is on, the plugin will be updated automatically when a new version is published.

To do a manual update:

  • Open NetBeans Plugins Manager (menu Tools | Plugins)
  • Click on Updates tab
  • Click on check for Updates


  • Test other databases/env
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