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URI of DocBook XSL doesn't work on Trisquel 10.0.1, which is our build-test docker image

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Priority: blocker Milestone: PostGIS 3.5.0
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The URI we're using right now (DOCBOOK_XSLBASE) is but some systems are not able to resolve it correctly with their xml catalog.

On Trisquel 10.0.1 which is our current docker image those URIs don't work:

# xmlcatalog ''
No entry for SYSTEM
No entry for URI

But older (legacy) uri work:

# xmlcatalog ''

This ticket is use the legacy URL or eventually add a configure-time check to see which URI works or give up if none work. Doing this at configure time would be similar to what we were doing before commit [b6583e98323ffe1a8438b51f3a9c70205fdbcf6b/git] that is allow some kind of configure-time switch to find those xsl. See also ticket #5537 and #5538

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comment:1 by Sandro Santilli <strk@…>, 8 months ago

In 2a366e9/git:

Use the legacy URI for docbook.xsl

References #5539

comment:2 by strk, 8 months ago

OOps, debbie would fail the legacy url:

debbie:~# xmlcatalog ""
No entry for SYSTEM
No entry for URI

See also

comment:4 by Sandro Santilli <strk@…>, 8 months ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed

In 119b6e4/git:

Go back to find docbook XSL at configure time

This reverts commit b6583e98323ffe1a8438b51f3a9c70205fdbcf6b
bringing —with-xsldir support back.

Closes #5538 #5539

References #5537

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