16 Dec 2012:

12:34 Ticket #1040 (Spatialite installation fails) reopened by kalxas
Thanks for the fix. Lets keep this ticket open until we get a …
10:58 Ticket #1040 (Spatialite installation fails) closed by micha
fixed: The download URL has changed (since the release of the newer 1.6.0 …
08:31 Ticket #1043 (i3geo installation failed) created by kalxas
Script needs review
08:28 Ticket #1042 (EOxServer fails to install) created by kalxas
There seems to be an issue related to spatialite and Pypi.
08:20 Ticket #1041 (Ushahidi installation broken) created by kalxas
mv: target `ushahidi' is not a directory cp: cannot stat `ushahidi/': …
08:17 Ticket #1040 (Spatialite installation fails) created by kalxas
--2012-12-13 22:50:26-- …
08:13 Ticket #1039 (Sahana broken in 6.5 alpha4) created by kalxas
Throws a "Server Error" in Firefox
08:11 Ticket #783 (no obvious way to figure out where the data is on the DVD) closed by kalxas
fixed: There is a Data link now
08:07 Ticket #1038 (QGIS Server cannot locate new path for Natural Earth data) created by kalxas
The demo page does not present data in map window
08:03 Ticket #1037 (TileMill not working) created by kalxas
Can not start from launcher. Needs review
07:56 Ticket #917 (mapfish demo not working) reopened by kalxas
I am getting a 500 error in 6.5 alpha4. Seems to be broken again.
07:53 Ticket #1036 (Mapbender3 not installed properly) created by kalxas
The installation was not completed in alpha4 Need to review the …
07:51 Ticket #1035 (osm2pgsql data loading fails at build time) created by kalxas
NOTICE: table "planet_osm_point" does not exist, skipping NOTICE: …
07:45 Ticket #1034 (gvSIG demo project, natural earth paths changed) created by kalxas
we need to fix paths so that default gvSIG project does not ask for …
04:53 Ticket #1033 (GeoServer fails to start) created by kalxas
After starting up GeoServer, home page is not shown. The error is: …
04:50 Ticket #1032 (GeoNetwork freezes under Virtual Box when memory is 1GB or less) created by kalxas
I have tested GN in a VM with 1G RAM and while the home page is …
04:42 Ticket #974 (remastersys iso installation fails) closed by kalxas
04:40 Ticket #1031 (Cartaro not installed properly) created by kalxas
Tested in 6.5 alpha4 and the launcher is creating a permission …
00:33 Ticket #1030 (gdal quickstart and natural_earth2) created by darkblueb
I have changed the gdal quickstart to reflect the natural_earth2 data, …

22 Sep 2012:

02:11 Ticket #1001 (6.0 Failed to install to hard drive) closed by kalxas
fixed: The fixed iso is now uploaded to SourceForge servers.
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