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#1000 fixed Accented characters missing on doc web site live-demo@… barryrowlingson

On the sponsors page, some names seems to have dropped accented characters:

Eike Hinderk Jrrens

  • should have a u-umlaut in surname.

Grald Fenoy

  • should be Gerald with an acute accent "/"

maybe there are others, but there are plenty of names with correct accents.

#2126 fixed User "user" not in group "users" on OSGeoLive vmdk osgeolive@… Ben Caradoc-Davies

The user "user" is not a member of the "users" group on the OSGeoLive 12.0 vmdk. This prevents GeoServer from writing to its data directory and causes GeoServer to fail to start. The iso image is not affected by this problem.

Workaround is to fix the vmdk with the following one-time procedure:

(1) Start a terminal.

(2) Run "sudo adduser user users".

(3) Apply this change by starting a new desktop session: either restart the virtual machine or log out and log back in (username "user", password "user").

GeoServer should now start normally.

OSGeoLive mailing list discussion:

#1972 wontfix Remove "planet" prefix from OSM data in PostGIS live-demo@… bufferclip

The tables of the OSM data in PostGIS are called like: "planet_osm_line", "planet_osm_point" ...

I find this very confusing, because the tables only contain the data for the feature city. (and obviously not of the planet)

I suggest to rename these tables. This can easily be done by using the "--prefix" flag from osm2pgsql . This is the corresponding text file in OSGeo-live.

I see two possibilities for renaming:

  • a static prefix like "feature_city_line", "feature_city_point", ...


  • a dynamic prefix like "bonn_line", "bonn_point", ...
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