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#429 wontfix Create a rsync system to sync local VMs with a master live-demo@… camerons

As we have a number of people collaborating in the building of the Virtual Machine, and as Virtual Machines are very large and slow and costly to download, we need a way that people can synchronise with the latest image without download 3 meg of data.

I propose that we set up the following:

  • Mount the GISVM somewhere, probably on (Ricardo has some other ideas for hosting locations which I can't put my finger on as I type this).
  • Set up a configured rsync client inside GISVM image, probably using Unison, This will provide read only access to the master Virtual Machine. This will allow everyone to sync their local images with the latest.
  • Set up the master GISVM image with read only access for most people, maybe through an anonymous password or similar.
  • Set up write access to the GISVM image to the core GISVM team, probably only one or 2 people, who will be responsible for running people's scripts, and then uploaded the changed image back onto the master image.
  • Periodically, this master image will be copied into a specific release with a version number.
#464 wontfix set startup sound to be a Kookaburra call live-demo@… hamish

if sticking with the Arramagong theme in future it would be nice to grab some audio of a Kookaburra call and set it as the desktop startup sound.

#473 wontfix ? live-demo@… hamish


create a script in the release branch to do any cleanups/bug fixes needed since the ISO went to print.

these should be expected to work off the latest release of the ISO, but also cleanly skip any fixes which have already been applied.

this way users/lab runners can quickly get systems up to date.

cd /usr/local/share/gisvm
# maybe switch burnt repo to correct release branch here
svn up

For the 2.0 release I was thinking about if someone figures out how to do cosmetic stuff like pre-arrange the desktop icons or place the cpu load widget in the taskbar.

or the possibility to clean up some bug is found..

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