Python meta package, includes core executable & runtime, help

  • Python commandline interpreter, and libraries.
  • The interpreter can be invoked as python in the osgeo4w shell.
  • The Python interpreter is not associated with the .py extension in the shell, so you must run .py files with python and not by double-clicking on them
  • Documentation is not included (beyond builtin doc strings)
  • Tcl support is not included.
  • NumPy is a distinct add on package due to it's size.

Comprised of 3 sub-packages:

  • python-wrapper - Wrapper to set python environment for Osgeo4W (required)
  • python-core - Python executable and runtime (required)
  • python-help - Python compiled help file (optional with Advanced Install)
category Commandline_Utilities
requires shell python-wrapper python-core python-help
version 2.7.2-2

Other python pages of note:

Packager Notes

  • This package is harvested from the standard Python 2.7.2 .msi installer from (see making a Python 2.7 package)
  • New Python extensions should be unpacked in osgeo4w\apps\Python27\Lib\site-packages
  • Include files and libraries are included, but in the apps\Python27 tree. The distutils/ settings should be correct.
  • Extensions may need to be compiled with VC7.1 to be compatible.
  • etc\ini\python.bat set PYTHONHOME to control sys.prefix and finding of libraries, etc. This should supersede any other python on the system when python is run within the OSGeo4W shell.

Open tickets

enhancement type tickets:

optional package to register python in Windows registry
pythonwin launcher

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defect type tickets:

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